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Charnel Golem

Faction: Devout

A wild mixture from meat, arms, chords, bones and other things, is this nature a general sight in the armies of the Devout, before all in those from Aleha. Formed out of the rubble of the battleground by the Necromancer, possesses the Charnel Golem into his terrible presence.

They are testrules for the Charnel Golem. Link to the discussion in the Excelsior Board.

Charnel Golem
Charnel Golem
© 2005 Excelsior Entertainment

Charnel Golem
Charnel Golem
© 2005 Excelsior Entertainment

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Charnel Golem (1) Costs: 90
138-8 3363 2203

Special Rules:
- Immune to Hand-Held Missile Weapons
- Cannot Run
- Cause Revulsion: Many creatures intimidate their opponents with showy displays of bravado or menance, while others rely or cunning and deception. Then there are those creatures that are so alien and so completely unnatural that many beings have the innate good sense to stay away from them entirely.
While a Charnel Golem causes Fear in Mortal opponents (as per the standard rules), it imposes a penalty to LD test for Beasts of -4.
- Writhing Tendrils (4): Moving about on a mass of squirming intestine and animated flesh, the Charnel Golem´s undulating method of movement is more than just a source of conveyance or revulsion.
Any model moving to attack the Charnel Golem in close combat loses their charge bonus as the writhing mass of flesh forces their balance into question and assaults those warrior with viciously sharp barbs, corrosive eruptions and random bone shards.
Additionally, an attacking models CC score is reduced by 4 while their DEF adjustment is increased by 4 as they fight to get to the core of the creature.
- Absorption: Models killed by a Charnel Golem are absorbed by it if the Golem spends one action to assimilate the fallen flesh into its own mass.
It does not matter how many foes a Charnel Golem kills in a turn, whether it is one model or three, if they are within three inches of the Golem they are all absorbed with the cost of one action. A Golem must do this either on the same turn it has killed its foes or on the fiorst action of its next turn.
Once assimilated, the Charnel Golem essentially regenerates its wounds. If it absorbs more than its maximum 3 wounds, keep a six-sided die on hand and keep track of the extra flesh and bone mass it has stored. If it absorbs six wounds above its basic 3, the Charnel Golem splits into two Charnel Golems.
- A Charnel Golem (only 1) may be included in a Devout Force which included a Warped Lord. Forces with a Visceramancer may have many.
- The Charnel Golem is armed with a Bone Tooth Hammer.
Construct and Enchanted

Bone Tooth HammerCC--ST+6


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