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The Factions:
Blackblood Devout Dwarven
Elven Firstborn Sons of Kronos
Stygian Swamp Goblins
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Goblin Chariot

Faction: Blackblood
Type: Close Combat Individual

The swift Goblin chariots is pulled by two Ripper Beasts and controlled by a Goblin whose sole task is to maintain control over the Beasts. Goblin Ripper Beasts Archers who prove themselves worthy in battle can be elevated to the status of Champion and given to convey them into battle. Armed with a deadly bow and a savage polearm, the Champion is conveyed swifty across the battlefield to the most fierce fighting, providing morale to his brethren and grave worry amongst his enemies.

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Warrior (1)
1212-10 23
Ripper Beasts (2)
88-10 24
3718 0387

Special Rules:
- The Goblin Chariot Warrior gains a +2 DAM bonus in addition to the normal charge bonuses while in the Chariot.
- Commanding Presence
- Great curved tusks are mounted on the wheels of the Goblin Chariot. Any model whose base falls within 1 inch of the side of the moving Chariot will be hit by a Damage 10 attack. Models on wait may attempt to Dive for Cover to attempt to avoid the deadly tusks.
- The Goblin Chariot has the Trample Special Ability, DAM 8. Models may attempt to Dive for Cover from the Trampling Goblin Chariot. If they succeed the Dive for Cover roll, they are still not out of danger. They must immediately make another Dive for Cover attempt at half their LD (round up) to avoid the curved tusks on the side of the Chariot.
- Warrior are armed with a Poleaxe and a Shortbow.
Ripper Beasts each have a Beak Attack, Natural Weapon - (1x) Beak (7).
Mortal and Beast


Goblin Chariot
Goblin Chariot
1998 Target Games

Concept Art
Concept Art


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