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Mantis Guard

Every Gourd City has its elite units. Handpicked by the elders they are often the best warriors from all the different broods, though they are usually drawn from the ranks of the Heavy Spearmen for these warriors see more of combat and war than any other unit. They have taken their name from the giant Mantids that roam the jungles of the Fallen Land.

These elite Warbands mimic the agility and deadly skills of the beasts they name themselves from. The Mantis Guard attack with lightning speed and efficiency, lasing out with their poleaxes, helping to break the enemy’s more resilient units before the massed ranks of Spearmen can move in to finish them off. The Mantis Guard sometimes employ the services of a Novice Shaman, though only the most promising and skilled Novices ever join these uncompromising warriors on the battlefield.

© 1999 Target Games

© 1999 Target Games

Mantis Guard
Mantis Guard
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