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Aonbarr Horse Warrior

Riding swift horses which bear the Naqada runes, the Aonbarr Horse Warriors are an honored addition to any clan. Awarded a swift horse and the other accolades that accompany such a promotion, the warrior that becomes an Aonbarr Horse Warrior is looked upon as a natural born leader. He will drive his horse headlong into the enemy, its powerful hooves shattering jaws and arms all while he cleaves into the enemy with his blessed Sword of Dawn.

The Sword of Dawn is one of the four badges of office an Aonbarr Warrior receives at his naming ceremony. This blade is fashioned by the blacksmiths of the Tribe and blessed by the One King. The other badges of his post are: the horse he selects for his mount, the helm that adorns his brow and the brand he accepts on his right palm, a brand that seals his allegiance to his King and Tribe.

Aonbarr Horse Warrior
Aonbarr Horse Warrior
1998 Target Games


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