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Viridian Lord

There comes a time when a warrior has seen his share of battles and is gripped with a weariness of the soul that he cannot shake. The Wyrds call this the ‘Comach’ and when a warrior develops it his time among his people is nearing an end. The Earth Goddess knows too well the price that war exacts on Her children and she has an honored place for them that have paid the price for their Tribe. In a private ceremony attended by the warrior’s family and the Wyrd, the warrior is made ready to take the next step in his journey and know the peace and love of the Earth Mother.

With the blessing of the Tribal Wyrd the consecrated warrior will bid his farewells to friends and family and journey to the closest Sacred Grove. Sometimes this journey can take weeks though he will make it alone. Once there, he will take one last look at his lands and at the heavens and enter the towering copse of black trees, never to return.

Here, deep within the arms of the Goddess the warrior will find a comfortable place to lay his head and he will at last rest, the Comach finally leaving him. His body will slowly be absorbed into the earth and he will rest here, cradled in the arms of the Earth Mother until called upon to defend his people again. When this happens, he will emerge from the earth, refreshed and part of all things around him, seeking to aid his people however he can. Whether called upon by the Wyrd or directed by the will of the Goddess, a warrior who undergoes this ritual is forever after a Viridian Lord, a Chosen of the Goddess, her Verdant Guard.

Viridian Lord
Viridian Lord
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Viridian Lord
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