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Scythed Chariot

The Scythed Chariot is a hold over from the Tribes friendship with the One King. Seeing how effective the One Kings Chariot forces were in battle, the Tribe of the Goddess developed their own, lighter version of the vehicle.

Drawn by two swift horses, the Scythed chariot is controlled by a seated driver who is responsible for its maintenance, the care of the mounts, and the provisioning of its rider. The chariot is usually manned by a warrior who is proficient in the use of javelins as he will unleash them into his enemies as the chariot moves across the battlefield. Great curving blades that give the vehicle its name protrude from the wheels, posing a dire threat to any force too close to its passing.

A Scythed Chariot is a fast moving killing machine, which the Tribe uses to great effectiveness when the terrain and weather permit.

Scythed Chariot
Scythed Chariot
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Scythed Chariot
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