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What makes a man a Berserker? Is he responding to some great pain too much to bear or is he touched by a rare malady of the mind that makes his own safety a thing little considered? Most Firstborn consider the second reason the more probable.

A Berserker is an Untamed Warrior who has spent considerable time in battle during his life and through these experiences he has come to see the handiwork of the Goddess first hand. He has been reminded of Her vast power throughout his career and at some point when his faith is absolute, he dedicates himself to the Goddess directly.

Spending weeks in training with the clans Wyrd, the aspiring Berserker will have his faith honed into a sharpened instrument to be turned upon the clans enemies. Painted with the Naqada tattoos, a Berserker is armored in the power of his faith, his battle skills accentuated by his unfailing beliefs. You will not see a Berserker show fear or ask for quarter for they know not these things. They known only service to their Goddess and are absolutely certain she protects their souls and guides their hands.

So the answer to the Firstborn question as to what makes a Berserker is simple: absolute faith. That the Firstborn fail to understand this is a sad and telling testament as well.

1998 Target Games

1998 Target Games


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