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The Embraced

Amongst the known lotus flowers, the newly cultivated yellow lotus has groven to be the most addictive of substances. Fortunately for the Elves of the Jade House, the only side effect of this flower seems to be the addiction is causes in its users. Only the Yellow Lotus Eaters have perfected a distilling method that allows for the magical properties of this flower to be exploited. The Embraced represent just such a distillation process. These warriors are fed processed yellow lotus in their food which serves to make them very fast and deftly agile.

The Embraced share the yellowed eyes of the lotus users and seem to rest little when taking their war dosages. Embraced have been trained by the Swamp Goblins of the Fallen Lands in the ways of moving unseen through the swamps and have themselves developed a style of guerilla fighting not practiced by the other Elven Houses. Enhanced reflexes, improved senses and a reduced need for sleep make the Embraced a potent addition to the Jade House arsenal.

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