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Dragonskull Warriors

A Dragon Skull Warrior is one of the most frightening troop types in all the Elven Armies. Standing tall and regal, these accomplished veterans are the descendents of the Sucarious Draconis, the Elven Order that helped bring about the extinction of the Dragons on Chronopia. They are nobles whose childrin go on to take their place in the order, their ceremonial armor passing down from generation to generation. Adorned with the skulls of their ancient victims, these dedicated soldiers recount a fearsome and bloody history to any who observe them.

The years of selective breeding and sadistic training have evolved a new order that holds tenuously to its aristocratic origins while trying to fight back the savage impulses that plague their every waking day. Only in battle may these seething cauldrons of anger be allowed to release the growing madness inside them, only on the fields of war do they seem to be at peace.

Dragonskull Warriors
Dragonskull Warriors
2006 Cyclopes Forge

Concept Art


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