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Lotus Guard

A position awarded to second sons and lesser nobles, the post of Lotus Guard is one of both great honor for the noble family and profound sadness for the elf joining their ranks. It is expected among all the Great Houses of the Crystal Lotus that each noble family would contribute some of its competent heirs to the defense of their sacred plant, to form a brotherhood that went beyond the boundaries of family and birth. In this way the politics of the Elven Houses would not compromise the cultivation of the lotus flower.

Members of the Lotus Guard are given specialized training and over their years of preparation unlearn their older family ties becoming bound only to their cause. As a group, they must forsake all personal inheritance and learn only to serve the greater gopod of the Lotus Eaters. Being afforded great respect for their sacrifice and enjoying a privilege few elves may ever know, the Lotus Guard are a growing force among the Elven military. Lotus Eaters are rarely seen without a contingent of Lotus Guard on hand for their defense.

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