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Yellow Lotus Eater

None illustrate the nature of the Jade House more completely than the Yellow Lotus Eaters. Like the Lotus Eaters of the other Houses they are able to perform magical feats when under the thrall of the Lotus. Many of the warriors of the Jade House risk the dangerous side effects of this powerful drug in order to enhance their performance on the battlefield. But only the Yellow Lotus Eaters have begun to tap its true potential. They guard their knowledge fiercely and they guard their store of Yellow Lotus more fiercely because their decades of study have left them in a state where they cannot live without the flower.

The Yellow Lotus is not only the most addictive lotus flower known, but also the most insidious to take. Unlike the other lotus’ whose consumption can often lead to death or debilitation, the yellow lotus kills when one stops taking it. Thus the Jade House will always need the Swamp Goblins for only they know the secret of cultivating the drug that their very lives now depend upon.

Unlike their counterparts in the other Elven Houses, the Yellow Lotus Eaters are formidable warriors and do not only rely on their mystical arts. Their skills in hand-to-hand combat are deadly and they also act as tacticians for many of the Jade House Campaigns.

Yellow Lotus Eater
Yellow Lotus Eater
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