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Obsidian Guard

The dark elite warriors of Duke Valimyr are the notorious Obsidian Guard. Famed throughout the lands of Chronopia for their prowess, the Obsidian Guard wields a long forgotten weapon, the Rune Sword, to the absolute terror of their foes. It is said amongst the civilized races that the runes swords of the Obsidian Guard can take the souls of those it slays, trapping them eternally in torment. Whether this is true or not, few can say. What can be said though is that when seen on the battlefield, the swords of the Obsidian Guards seem to scream triumphantly as a fallen opponent breathes its last.

Encased in powerful armor enchanted by the Black Lotus Eaters, the Obsidian Guard are resistant to all but the most powerful of weapons, and have been known to storm whole squads of troops alone knowing they were invulnerable to them. Whether this is true or a hallucination fed to them by the lotus few could say.

Obsidian Guard
Obsidian Guard
1998 Target Games

Obsidian Guard
Concept Art


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