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Red Lotus Eater

The school of the Red Lotus Eaters is a powerful entity within the House of Helios. Kissed by the enigmatic powers of the red lotus, these skilled sorcerers may not be the most numerous of Elven Lotus Eaters, but they are among the most feared and seem to be predominantly female. Flames are their hallmark power and many an enemy has told wrenching tales of barely surviving the blanketing fires that these spell casters release. Like their adopted element, these sorcerers are quick to anger and slow to cool, a dangerous mixture for any enemy to confront.

While a Red Lotus Eater is usually accompanied by Keepers of the Flame who serve as guards and attendants, they are more than capable of summoning minions from other planes that will do their bidding.

Red Lotus Eater
Red Lotus Eater
2002 Excelsior Entertainment


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