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Keepers of the Flame

The Keepers of the Flame are females who have in their makeup the ability to withstand the dangerous touch of the Red Lotus. As the flower’s moderated extract makes its way into many Elven food staples, it is bound to cause immunities to develop. Why only females seem capable of this immunity however remains unknown. The Keepers of the Flame are an order that serves the Red Lotus Eaters as both guardians and servants. Possessed of an almost religious fervor the Keepers train in the seclusion of their tall Abbeys in the arts of killing and death, devoid of any overt hunger for wealth and lacking the traditional ennui of their Elven brothers. They ingest amounts of red lotus with their meals to grant them the vitality to perform their duties. Unlike other orders, a Keeper retains her familial inheritance which she usually donates to the betterment of her Abbey, which in turn benefits the House Helios.

Keepers of the Flame
Keepers of the Flame
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