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Lotus Eater (Silver and Blue)

The Lotus Eaters of the Crystal Lotus House specialize in the study of the Silver and Blue Lotus Flowers. Their field of study is ancient even by Elven standards and the Lotus Eaters of this House are among the most powerful Elven Sorcerers in the lands of Chronopia. Sequestered in Arcadian areas throughout the northern and western Elven lands, the botanical gardens of the Lotus Eaters are some of the most highly fortified Elven bastions in the world. Here, amid vast gardens and sprawling laboratories, the Lotus Eaters study, practice and experiment with their craft, an ever renewing supply of lotus available for their needs.

Blue Lotus Eaters are by nature attuned to the elements of air and the ingestion of their lotus has allowed them to explore this element with great creativity. They are practiced in war, capable of hiding the advance of their soldiers and also buffeting their enemies with hurricane force winds. Most fearsome of all the known powers of the Blue Lotus Eaters is their ability to summon an ethereal dragon, a preternatural force capable of great destruction.

The Silver Lotus Eaters, while practiced in the ways of war, have drawn upon the power of ice and coldness for their craft. The silver lotus gives them terrifying powers ranging from summoning frozen warriors to fight for them to being able to freeze the very blood in an opponentís vein, causing an excruciating if not all too brief death to follow. The Silver Lotus Eaters are possessed of a wickedly cruel sense of humor that is partly the result of their chosen field of study mixing with the eternal decadence of their race. Suffice it to say that while the Blue Lotus Eaters are dangerous opponents who are merciless captors, the Silver Lotus Eaters rarely ever retain a prisoner, most taking their own life than be subjected to Silver Lotus Eaterís heartless inspections.

Lotus Eater
Lotus Eater
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Lotus Eater
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