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Dream Warrior

The secrets of the lotus are a grand and dangerous mystery to all but the ranks of the Lotus-Eaters. Their powers and spells are a closely guarded secret even amongst their own elite ranks. One of the most intriguing mysteries however is that of the Dream Warriors. How do they move between worlds and strike with impunity? By what power do they master their craft? The process by which the Crystal Lotus Eaters enchant the Dream Warriors is one of the most sought after secrets among the Elven Lotus Eaters, a process that Duke Zazen makes it a point to guard jealously.

They are given their name because they seem to move as if in a waking dream, appearing one minute and disappearing in the next, as if they weren’t really there, a cold mist trailing eerily behind them. Dream Warriors do not mix with the other Elves in a warband, preferring to keep to themselves for the accomplishment of their mission. The gaze of a Dream Warrior is a vacant one, devoid of any recognition or emotion and while they are ruthless combatants rarely giving quarter, they do not at all take part in Elven Society. They emerge from the Crystal Lotus Halls when they are required to go to battle, nothing more. They have no family or friends once they become Dream Warriors.

The truth of matter, a truth known only to the Inner Circle of the Elven Crystal Lotus Eaters and Duke Zazen, is that the Dream Warriors actually do not exist. They are the mental manifestations of a select group of elder Lotus Eaters whose ancient bodies have left them incapable of almost all movement yet whose lotus-laced minds are brimming with clarity and power. In the Sealed Dream Chambers of the Sanctum, scores of depleted Lotus Eaters undergo their final transformation which allows them to manifest a new and perfect body with which to continue their service to their Great House. If “killed” in battle, the careful observer will note that the body quickly deteriorates into mist, leaving nothing behind of their presence. The source of that warrior will again be able to manifest a new Dream Warrior with a few days of rest.

When not manifesting their warrior bodies on some mission, these ancient souls spend their time lost in the dreams of the lotus, oblivious to even the passage of time. While these “Depleted” (as those who have spent their centuries suckling the lotus are referred) are provided for by the Lotus caretakers, few know that they exist and less know what they can do.

The keys to the Dreaming Chambers are held by only two people, Duke Zazen and the High Perceptor Invid Soleen.

Dream Warrior
Dream Warrior
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Dream Warrior
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