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War Torkha

The Great Bull Torkhas of the Horned Ones are frightening monstrosities trained to carry both a Dwarven crew as well as the Heavy Repeating Crossbow they fire. Held in the highest esteem by the Horned Ones, being selected for War Torkha training is one of the highest honors conferred upon a Horned One. These powerful beasts thunder into the thick of conflict to break up the formations of the enemy and spearhead a Horned One attack. In addition to the trained crew that mans the weapon the War Torkha carries, the great beast is also fitted with special stirrups that allow it to carry extra soldiers into battle with it. Leaping from these harnesses with practived skill, the Torkha Warriors use the momentum of their mount to throw themselves into the enemy with deadly effect.

War Torkha
Concept Art


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