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Vulture Blood Totem

Faction: Dwarven

The appearance of the Blood Totem of the Vulture Clan mirrors the harsh demeanor of the Clan itself. Savage and sinewy, foul selling and cadaverous, this Blood Totem is a frightening combination of Dwarf and Vulture. Standing over 9 cubits in height, it is the smallest of the Blood Totem prefer to fly into its prey, stunning them with the impact of its attack and grasping them in its talons, flying them aloft to finish off a warm meal. Vulture Blood Totems have been known to hurl warriors from great heights like living weapons and delight in the chaos their presence causes mounts and beasts.

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Vulture Blood Totem
Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Individual

Vulture Blood Totem (1) Costs: 119
168-10 3473/6 23-34

Special Rules:
- Flyer
- Subterranean Warrior
- Causes Fear
- Steadfast
- The Vulture Blood Totem may spend an action to grab a model of Size 3 or less and become airbourne in lieu of its normal attacks. It must make a normal CC roll. If it succeeds, both models must make an opposed ST roll. If the Totem wins, it has grabbed the victim and become airborne. If it loses, the victim has fought off the grasp and the Totems action was ineffective. Once in the air, the Totem may drop the model at any time it likes, the model is placed on its side directly below the Blood Totem. (Calculate the damage of the model hitting the ground from the jumping and falling rules). If the model that was dropped survived the fall it is considered prone and must spend it next available action to stand up. When a model is picked up by the Blood Totem the only actions it may make is eiter a strength test to try to break the Vultures grasp or an attack action. If the model kills the Blood Totem in the air then work out falling damage from the height the Blood Totem was currently at.
- For every attack Action spend in Close Combat the Totem gets 3 attacks (1 Beack and 2 Leg attacks). If airbourne the only attacks it may make are with its beak, its claws busy holding onto the victim.
- You must have a Keeper to purchase the Vulture Blood Totem.
- The Vulture Blood Totem has a Bladed Beack attack, Natural Weapon - (1x) Beak (11) and Bladed Leg Greaves attack, Natural Weapon - (2x) Bladed Leg Greave (13).


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