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1.Kickstarter (29.03.2022) 3.Edition

Backup of the Kickstarter Website.

New Version

New Version

New Version

New Version

New Version


New Version: Pic 1 und Pic 2

1. Version

Download: Demo Rules

Comming soon!

1. Update

Thank you all so much. We have come very far with so little time. Today we will show you close ups for the Firstborn faction.
The Firstborn were the first of the races to ever tread the soil of this world. However they were to remain in a state of barbarism, falling prey to other races until the coming of the One King and the formation of the First Kingdom. Since that moment they are existing in a perpetual state of conflict, constantly fighting to secure their place under the sun.

Firstborn armies enjoy heavy armour and a good level of training, providing their commanders a high level of versatility. With these traits they are able to adapt to any battlefield situation and triumph over it.

2. Update - Free STL Templates for you!

We are starting to update Campaign.

As you suggested we are giving you for free a STL Templates for Flamethrower , Small and Large Explosion. Download, print and enjoy.

For those who do not have 3d printers, these templates will be in a last page of hard cover rulebook.

-> STL: Explode - Big - 150mm
-> STL: Explode - Small - 100mm
-> STL: Flamethrower - 2

3. Update - Cavalry Bundle!

We just added for you a Cavalry Bundle as add on.

Buying this add on allows you to pick 3 Cavalry boxes in the lower price!

You will be able to choose during Pledge Manager.

4. Update - Fantastic news! Every Unit box is bigger! We won´t stop on that!

After some calculations we have decided to add 1 extra model to each regular unit box keeping exactly the same price. That is not all! As you can see the 1st Stretch Goal will increase that number to +2 models in a box makes it even more attractive. So share our Campaign on social media and tell your friends about it, because Chronopia is BACK!

5. Update - German version of Chronopia and Crystal Lotus Elves Close ups!

Good news for German stores and backers!

We are able now to offer all content of this Kickstarter in a GERMAN version also.

If you want to play Chronopia with a German rulebook or as a store, want to offer German products to your customers you can now do so!

Any pledge level now is available in German language. Whatever language (well – English or German only at the moment) you want, you will be able to choose after the campaign ends in Pledge Manager!

The only small downturn is, that German versions will probably take about two months longer to produce, since we need to translate the book and cards. We might be able to ship everything at the same time, since we have a bit of an head start for the translation and will start right now with it for some products, including the demo booklet.

Elves from the House of Crystal Lotus!

Elf societies are organized in an ancient system of independent noble Houses. Each House is a completely sovereign entity with a Duke leading it with his court. All Elven Houses have always valued one thing above all else, throughout their eons of existence. Power. In pursuit of that no elf, regardless of its societal status will stop at nothing and indeed in the past, they never have.

6. Update - Few photos from the battlefields of Chronopia

Devout followers are praying.

Crystal Lotus Spearman defending himself from devastating Devout Follower charge.

Hero Skirmish attack lead by Lotus Guard against the Cursed and Followers.

Devout Blood Hunters patrolling the ruined Firstborn chapel.

Beautiful morning near the market by the Blackbloods city.

Patrol Fight of soldiers commanded by two rival warlords.

Foggy day over the Blackbloods Empire.
PS. Even our Weather Card set won´t create such effect on a board ;) you need to imagine it or buy a proper fogging machine.

And last but not least the photo of the model hidden as a stretch goal.

Dwarf Blood Totem charging against Lotus Guard (poor guard, but have to admit he has a nerves of steel)

The model below are painted by master painter: Martin Grandbarbe

7. Update - Some new nice pictures :)

So now it´s time to show you some minis we have prepared for you

Here are some samples of 3D-printed miniatures we will send to our painter soon to have some more eye candy for you.

We will show you more soon, as long as our printer doesn´t go up in flames ;)

And this is the next wave of Demo Boxes ready for sending to shops and clubs. Should leave our warehouse on Monday / Tuesday:

8. First Gameplay video!

The time has come for first Game Play Video using our Demo Box with Hero Skirmish level.

Since tomorrow we will start to upload short video demonstrating rules.

First upload will always be on our official Youtube Channel, so if you did not subscribe yet, do it now. Later on Kickstarter Campaign will be updated.

Few pics from tents and templates from the Facebook Group.

9. First Rules Videos!

Welcome backers!

Today as promised we have started to uploading rules videos to our YouTube channel and as well to this Kickstarter Campaign. You can find it under the Scroll with Demo Rulebook to Download and below in this update.

Those movies are taking form of short few minutes rules videos, describing 1 aspect of the rules. Everyday we will try to upload more.

Let us know do you like that form of presenting the rules.

Here are the links to the first Rules videos:
Control Zone
Activating a Warband

10. SioCast samples from our manufacturer

As you asked, we are showing you samples provided by our manufacturer company Kraken Wargames. On a photos you can see a a models taken out straight from the press. White spots on the models are still powder used in the process. There are no sprues and quality is amazing.

Of course that aren´t Chronopia models, but we are showing what kind of details and what kind of look you can expect from Chronopia models.

11. Updated Stretch Goal list!

Our Stretch Goal list has been updated!

Like we promised we have updated a Stretch Goal List to give our backers something extra as a thank you gifts for supporting our Campaign. Most of this things won´t show up in retail sales. Now it is up to you to unlock them.

This is part 1 of the list. When we will be getting to the last one, we will spread the scroll further more.

Few words of new Stretch Goals

  • 42K - Every Rulebook will be upgraded with cheat sheet and Every General Unit Box will be even bigger with additional model (to have in total +2 models!).
  • 44K - You will unlock a new model of the Judge for Firstborn Faction from wave 2 as Add On.
  • 45K - Every backer with Pledge containing General Stretch Goals will receive a Kickstarter Exclusive poster of Chronopia (A3 size).
  • 46K - You will unlock a new model of the Crystal Lotus Eater from Elven Faction (Wave 2) as Add On.
  • 47K - Every Starter Box will be upgraded with another sheet of 72 tokens making it a box with 144 tokens!
  • 48K - You will unlock a new model of Manx Skull Champion with Noble Shield Bearers from Dwarven Clan of Horned Ones (Wave 2) as Add On.
  • 49K - Every backer with Pledge containing General Stretch Goals will receive a Chronopia Dice Tray.
  • 50K - You will unlock a new model of Blackbloods Troll Deathseeker (Wave 2) as Add On.
  • 51K - Every backer with Pledge containing General Stretch Goals will receive a PDF files with foldable tents for every faction and STL model of Training Dummy (model that can give you blank Activation during the game!)
  • 52K - You will unlock a new model of Devout Tormented (Wave 2) as Add On.
  • 53K - ?

12. Chronopia Comic Book for download!

Welcome my Lords and Ladies!

We are giving you a Comic Book with illustrations made by Adrian Smith and story by Peter Flannery to download. New cover background made by Dawid Kacperak and Blood Knight by Phan Tuấn Đạt .

Originally that comic was published in New Chronicles Magazine by the end of the 90s and beginning of 2000s.

We have hope it will bring you closer to a Dark Fantasy Universe of Chronopia!


13. Funding is nigh!

Good morning fellow Chronopians.

What a glorious day! We are almost funded and for this we are most grateful to you, the magnificent community that is so heavily participating in the establishment of the world of Chronopia.

For us, it is time to start teasing the Stretch Goals that we have in store, as the second half of the campaign just begins. First SG, and one very important, is a second upgrade in EACH regular infantry box that you have or will purchace.

As soon as we hit 42K, all boxes will include an extra mini in them. No action required from you, just one more mini will be included for you in each of your rank and file unit boxes. Needless to mention the extra versatility this will provide to your forces on the table!

As a disclaimer, this extra mini, just as the previous one, will be included only to backers of this KS campaign. Retail editions will not benefit from these two extra minis in each box, so rush to that campaign and break the Pledge button, for your liege is summoning you.

14. Rules - Cavalry Charge!

Cavalry Charge!

Today we have uploaded a new short video for rules: Cavalry Charge!

Which shows you how devastating might be a single Cavalry model (and remember that you can have 3 in single unit!).
Cavalry / Monster Charge!

15. Kickstarter Funded! Chronopia is back!

CHRONOPIA IS BACK! The One King returned!

We would like to thank you all for your effort. We have reached the funding goal!

Still 15 days in front of us for revealing additional content!

Lets unlock as much Stretch Goals as we can!

16. 1st Stretch Goal Reached

The Herald of the 8th Tower bids you welcome.

So 1st Stretch Goal is here, and what a Stretch Goal this is!

Each box of regular troops will get not one, but two extra miniatures in relation to what was the initial content. Yes you read right, that is TWO extra minis. This means that if you had purchased a box of eg Orc Swordsmen with three miniatures included, you will now receive five of them! No action is required from you, we will auto-upgrade each and every regular troop box to the new size of it.

As a disclaimer, we remind you that this extra content will be applicable only for the duration of this KS campaign, as a way of us saying a big "thank you" for supporting our dream come true. In future iterations of the miniature lines, they will include the initial number of minis.

So now is the time to get all the regular troops boxes you ´ll need and then some!

Till the next SG, stay strong and remember: Your Liege Counts on You.

17. Kickstarter Graphics updated! New videos!

Welcome my Lords and Ladies!

  • We have updated a wave 1 graphics with +2 models stretch goal and repaired few text mistakes that had to be done by some Blackblood Goblins.
  • From now on every regular unit box will have 2 bonus models. It doesn´t matter if you add a box as add on or you get a box from the pledge level - you will get those 2 extra models. Have to remember that this is ONLY KICKSTARTER deal for backers!
  • There is a new gameplay video for Hunt the Treasure scenario from the Demo Pack made by Upturned Table
    -> Link to Youtube:
  • There is as well new video from OnTableTop weekender about Chronopia. (They are starting to talk about Chronopia from 1h 28 mins)
    -> Link to Youtube:
  • Remember to check Rules video section regularly, because we are updating with new videos every couple of days.
  • There is a new Discord Channel only for Chronopia (in English).

Lets aim for next Stretch goals! Still a lot of time to unlock them!

18. Careful for whom the Judge comes knocking...

The Order of the Judges of the Seven Towers was formed in the aftermath of the Devout betrayal by the Four Prophets and is directly liable to the One King himself. Armed with the double headed axes called Truthbringers and the Book of Law, these solitary figures roam the Firstborn Kingdom searching for the taint of Darkness and rooting it out with extreme prejudice. Somber individuals that inspire fear and awe, they are equally met with relief and weariness by the common folk, as one can never know who will come under his scrutiny.

In the field of battle they strike fear in both friend and foe, cleaving their way through Darkness and bringing justice absolute to all near them. For it is true that fear in the face of the enemy is treason towards the One King, a crime that can only be punished by death.

This beautifully sculpted miniature will become unlocked as our 2nd Stretch Goal for you to purchase, as soon as we hit the 42K mark. So let your friends know about these tidings, keep pledging and remember: Justice is coming for us all...

19. Infantry Bundle! Everyone was waiting for!

We are introduce to you an Infantry Bundle.

Choose an Infantry Unit and for only 69 you will get 2 x regular unit box and 1 x Command Group Box (or Leader Box).

You can find this bundle under the Add On section.

20. Army Bundle!

Another great day comes with another great bundle. For those of you who wish to upgrade their pledge with another army and do not want to get another starter box and rulebook, we have prepared an Army Bundle.

In a Bundle you will find each box (with extra models unlocked via stretch goals) from chosen faction from wave 1.

You can find it in Add On section.

21. Collectible poster next!

The Firstborn Judge has been unlocked; unleashed upon the forces of Darkness, and now is applicable to be purchased as an add-on. But how will you be able to prove to this stern individual that your heart is true (or utterly corrupt after the effects of the Darkening)?

Of course by openly brandishing to your room your loyalty to the cause! Don´t worry that´s why we are here with out next KS exclusive Stretch Goal, a beautiful A3 poster of our setting. Thus when the Judges of the Seven Towers visit you, they will just move on, leaving you be.

This poster will be included for free in all applicable pledges as soon as we reach 45K. So let your friends know about these tidings, keep pledging and remember: When the Judge visits you, you know how to prove your innocence...

22. New Battle Report!

Welcome my Lords and Ladies! We have uploaded a new Battle Report using our Demo Box from Age of Wargamers Youtube channel.


You can find it in Add On section.
Chronopia - Battle Report (Demo Pack)

23. 3rd Stretch Goal Unlocked!

A Kickstarter Exclusive Poster now for free in your pledge (contains General Stretch Goals)!

24. Strong winds are howling on the windows of Chronopia.

In the low slopes of the Lotus Peaks sprouts a particular variety of the majestic Lotus Plant. There, the biting cold of the Peaks wanes, giving way to howling winds that make even a single step a perilous ordeal. These majestic blue leaved plants, give to its consumers the ability to command the elements, traversing the battlefield on gusts of wind and concealing the advance of friendly troops via thick fog.

We present to you our next Stretch Goal, the Blue Lotus Eater of the House of the Crystal Lotus. Get ready to command the elements and the weather, unleashing nature´s wrath upon your enemies in the battlefield.

25. 4th Stretch Goal Unlocked! Blue Lotus Eater ready to fight!

Now you can add an elven Blue Lotus Eater to your pledge!

26. The tempest brings forth extra sheets of tokens.

Greetings Lords from the 8th Tower.

The House of the Crystal Lotus receives reinforcements as yet another Stretch Goal is unlocked. From now on, the Blue Lotus Eater is available to be purchased as an add-on on the store and rain havoc on the enemy ranks!

However, the arrival of the Blue Lotus Eater in the world of Chronopia; brings strong tempests and unstopable hurricanes in the fields of battle. Drifting in the land is, among other things, an extra sheet of tokens for all starter sets! Thus, as the next Stretch Goal at 47K, we ´ll be including an extra set of tokens in all starter boxes, enough to accomodate the needs of two armies for all games up to Grand Battle level.

So keep spreading the world of your liege lord on your friends and gaming community, and keep pledging in his name! Till next time, be well.

27. 5th Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Welcome my Lords and Ladies!

5th Stretch Goal has been unlocked.

Since now every starter box will have 2 sheets of tokens making it incredible 144 tokens in a box!

As well you can now add a Kickstarter Exclusive version of Blue Lotus Eater to your pledge!

28. "I will see further, because I will be standing on the shoulders of giants"

The sound of bagpipes from the caverns bellow is filling the air. The synchronized beat of boots striking the ground at the same moment creates small quakes, as the Dwarves march on the field of battle. And at the head of this formation, stands atop his ceremonial shield the Manx Skull Champion, the leader of the war effort.

Beared on the shoulders of his trusty shield-beariers, this supreme warrior-leader smites ranks of his enemies with his clawed halberd. Simultaneously, he gains the ability to stand high over the friendly ranks, becoming better able to command his forces and riposte the enemy´s movements.

As our next Stretch Goal at 48K, you will be able to incorporate this alternate, masterfully crafted version of this miniature to your Dwarven forces. With him you will be able to better command your armies, and further the goal of your Overlord of the Horned One Clan. So, keep spreading the world that after the Wilding, the Dwarves are reclaiming their rightful place on the world, and keep pledging!

29. Incredible painted models!

We are receiving more and more photos of painted models to our Chronopia.

Here is Tormented - painted by Happy Koala Studio (still in Stretch Goals waiting to be unlocked)

It is on massive 80mm base size

and last but not least a Devout Swordsman Follower painted by Silver Skull Painting Studio

30. True Lords never chase their dice.

Greetings lords.

At 48K we are happy to announce that the Manx Skull Champion has been unlocked to be born atop his retinue, and is now available as an add-on in our campaign. So if you are either a Dwarf player or a miniature collector, go add this beautiful mini to your bundle!

However we all know that a real champion should never bow to his dice, as they freely roll on your floor after a roll to strong. Don´t worry, we got you covered there! At 49K you will unlock your very own dice tray to roll in. Lavishly decorated with the logo of Chronopia, you can get ready to roll buckets of dice as you wipe the enemy presence from the battlefield.

So as the final three days of our campaign approach, keep spreading theworld of Chronopia and delve into a world of magic, intrigue and epic fights.

31. Dice Tray Unlocked!

Welcome my Lords and Ladies!

Slowly we are getting to the end of our Kickstarter and we are unlocking another Stretch Goals. So its time to reveal the next one in the row.

Lets encourage those who still hesitating to participate in our Kickstarter.

A free Dice Tray will be added to every pledge with General Stretch Goals.

32. You ´d better hide, when four-armed monsters come knocking.

There are few things that can push a Troll on the edge, making him forego all will for life, turning him into a mere tool at the hands of the Emperor. When this comes to pass, the member of the Troll tribe presents himself on the Emperor, pledging his life in service to be used as he sees fit, seeing death only as a release.

These ferocious Deathseekers view the Beyond as a release, and wish to have a glorious end at the field of battle. Hence the meaning of fear is a notion completely foreign to them, charging headstrong in the enemy ranks, hoping to meet their destiny. However this rarely comes to pass, with the Deathseeker only waiting for the next chance of release.

At 50K you will unlock this magnificent miniature to utilize in your Blackblood army, or just paint it for your collection. This almost 54mm mini is an imposing piece, sure to strike fear in the hearts of your enemies, whilst he is running amok among their ranks.

33. Troll Deathseeker unlocked!

Thanks to you another Stretch Goal has been unlocked!

You can now add a Troll Deathseeker to your pledge as Add on.

Here is a concept art that will be used to make a new model.

Of course pose of the model will be more dynamic than illustrated below.

34. Tents and Training Dummy - unlocked!

18 hrs to end. We unlocked another Stretch Goal!

Every backer with General Stretch Goals will receive a pdf´s with tents to print and STL file for Training Dummy.

Tents and Dummy are playing significant role during building Army List (from Army Level up)

Training Dummies can be used as Activation and there are 6 different types of Tents, where each brings different bonuses to the game play.

We can show you example of two tents:

A Medic Tent

Once per Game Turn you can use Heal 8 skill on selected friendly model from a Warband. After you use the skill put Activation Token next to the tent to mark it has used its ability this Game Turn.

A Warriors Tent

Once per Game Turn you might put a Charge Token to friendly model from a Warband while it is engaging enemy. After you use the skill put Activation Token next to the tent to mark it has used its ability this Game Turn.

Of course every piece of terrain can be destroyed including Training Dummy, so good Warlord need to protect its War Camp.

Tents has been designed by Gwenn McClune in this fantastic way, so you can flat fold them and they will take no space during transport.

35. Tormented Unlocked!

Devout Tormented has been unlocked!

Now you can add this monstrous creature to your pledge for only 30 Euro!

Compare photo with Lotus Guard

Model painted by Happy Koala Studio!

36. Faction dice in Starter Box Unlocked!

Another Stretch Goal achieved!

This time EVERY Starter Box (doesn´t matter if from pledge or from add on),

will have include a Faction dice instead of normal D20.

If you choose Devout vs Firstborn you shall receive a Firstborn and Devout die as well.

37. Blood Totem Unlocked!

Blood Totem Unlocked! You can add him to your pledge for 40 Euro!

Don´t worry if you missed the opportunity on Kickstarter, as you can add him in Pledge Manager as well.

Faction Objective Markers Unlocked! Every backer with pledge level having General Stretch Goals will receive a Faction Objective Markers!

Totem is 11cm tall monster. Here is a photo compare with Keeper.

38. Firstborn Macemen Unlocked!

Box of Firstborn Macemen (3+2 models) now can be yours for 25 Euro!

39. Chronopia is back!

Greetings Lords and Ladies!

So our campaign has ended, and what a period it was! Full of thrills, excitements and tireless work. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having us return the world of Chronopia to your homes, and we promise to keep working harder to keep up with your expectations.

At 57K (and some change) you managed to unlock the bases too!

From our end this is not the end but a mere beginning. Finalization of lore, sculpting of few more minis, casting them, and... the writing of an expansion. Stay tuned, for something sinister stirs at the southeast of the world...

For now, we thank you dearly, our time for work just begins anew!

For the One King!

40. Chronopia Forum!

Ancient Forum has opened its doors!

Yesterday on our official Chronopia page (still under construction, but most of it is already done) we have opened a Chronopia Forum.

We encourage everybody to register, to be on top with all news and there is a place where you will be able to find fellow Chronopia Players.

Follow the path: Forum - Index page (

41. Season of Cards is upon us!

With our KS campaign over, this only meant extra work for us!

Work on the incorporation of weather and seasons is over and cards are in finalization stage. Thus we could not miss the chance to spoil some of the beautifully crafted cards, that will bring extra depth and character to each and every game you play.

In this card box you will get :
-Season cards. Will your battle take place in the frozen North or the scorched outskirts of Terakan?
- Time of day cards. Will your armies exchange blows at high noon with the sun baking their brows, or in the dark and its perils?
-Weather cards. Strong winds have always affected an army´s capacity to fight, let alone a sudden blizzard.

All in all these card expansions will allow you to create a distinct experience with each game you play, further immersing you to the world of Chronopia.

Stay tuned. More great things are on the way!

42. New renders of Crystal Lotus Elves by Barruz Studio

Welcome my Lords and Ladies!

In a meantime of our work in a background we are presenting you some new renders of Crystal Lotus Elves made by our Sculpting Studio: Barruz Studio.

43. Work in progress

Welcome Lords and Ladies!

Some update from work in progress.

Weather Deck - for Advanced Play has been finished.

Exact rules how to use them you will find in a rule book. Weather deck will be split on 3 type of cards: Season, Time of the Day and Weather.

Time of the day in some cases might be manipulated by Chronomancers and Weather by Lotus Eaters, so you have to be careful.

Here is example of weather card:

Top right corner shows the value of the card (In this case 2)
Above text field you can find information in which Seasons that card can be played (in this case Spring or Winter) and Text Field brings modification to the game.

We are working as well on first issue of Chronopia Archives our product catalogue

PS. Sorry for radio silence, but I have been on my holiday. We will try to post and updates more frequently from now on.

44. Regarding concerns about closing one of our webshops and store

It came to my attention, that some backers are concerned because we currently are closing down on of our webshops and our brick & mortar store.

Please be assured, this has no consequences for Chronopia. Well – actually it probably HAS consequences – just not negative ones

We are doing this to concentrate more on our main business – publishing games – not selling games from other companies offline and online.

Ironically, the project of starting a brick and mortar store, a new webshop and selling games at a bargain, we buy from producers who want to get rid of their remaining stock was intended to strengthen the company by having more than one mainstay.

But we started that project in early 2020 – so the timing was… questionable to say the least. We run into a worldwide pandemic with store-lockdown in Germany, no conventions and fairs at all – you know the situation, if you weren´t living under a rock for the last 2.5 years.

So we „just“ decided now to stop that particular project with as less damage as possible for us – so we had to get rid of it fast. Which is what we are doing right now VERY successfully.

We will be finished with that in 1-2 weeks and can then concentrate more again on our own games, which will benefit all of our lines (mostly rpgs and in German language), including Chronopia – of course.


45. Troll Deathseeker is coming!

Welcome my Lords and Ladies!

We have started work for the Pledge Manager. It is very time consuming work and we hope it will be all ready and working for Spiel 2022.

Friday Sneak Peek. Here is a T-pose for Troll Deathseeker.

We are in the process of building a Chronopia Town board for doing the demo of Streets of Chronopia and other battle reports. Take a look at the WIP board. Most of the buildings used are from Black Scroll Games range for which we have commercial use rights.

Happy Friday!

Soon the battles of Chronopia on your tabletop!

46. The Dwarves March to War!

While we are at the height of summer, work for Chronopia is well underway!

The tides of war are flooding the Great Halls of the Dwarven citadel of Hallador and what better way to celebrate these folk´s courage, than via a brand new piece of artwork. Masterfully created by our talented team, this warrior of the Horned Ones Clan is ready to stand his ground against all enemies of his sub-terranean realm, or even raid as far as the major port-city of Girgaldur against treacherous Aleha.

At the same time, the lore of the Dwarf race is penned, full of character, adventure and tragedy, as befits this ancient and great race. Glory, honor, but also treachery are yours to experience through this magnificent miniatures range that bring short, sturdy and bearded men under your command.

Dwarf Swordsman Legionnaire of the Horned Ones Clan.

47. Chronopia at Chillcon 2022 (Sheffield UK)

At the last minute we have received confirmation that we will have space for demoing Chronopia at this year´s Chillcon. If you want to pop in a talk about Chronopia or play a short demo come join us.

For all those who are too far to attend, 1 stance of our Blackblood Goblin Swordmaster. Enjoy and have a nice Friday!

48. Chillcon 2022 Report

For all of you who couldn´t attend Sheffield for Chillcon, a few pictures from the event. We would like to thank all the backers, who came and visited us. More to see will be next month at Tabletop Gaming Live at Manchester.

49. Pledge Manager starts 6th of October 2022!

Welcome Lords and Ladies!

We are coming with a great news that Pledge Manager will start 6th of October 2022. Every backer will get a notification email.

First of all we have for you a new illustration of Dusk Demon Warrior created by Dawid Kacperak.

and few photos from our demo stand at Tabletop Gaming Live at Machester.

Remember to pop in to our Uhrwerk Verlag booth at Essen Spiel to talk about Chronopia and play a demo!


Welcome Lords and Ladies! Our Pledge Manager is open under the link:

Every backer should receive later today a separate email from Gamefound about your pledge.

51. After Essen Spiel 2022 update!

Welcome my Lords and Ladies!

We just have finished very busy days of demoing and talking about Chronopia at Essen Spiel 2022.

First of all we would like to thanks our backers who attended the show and found a time to talk with us. For all of those who couldn´t show up below we present photos from the show.

Our turn around demo table in Uhrwerk Verlag Stand.

PS. People from GW had a very nice view for Chronopia roll up banner :)

From the left: Sven Oliver Holz demoing Chronopia in German and Marcin Malinowski demoing Chronopia in English.

Dwarf Swordsmen Legion charging Orc Swordsmen warband.

What did they find in that mine?

Devout Followers trying to open the portal to Dusk Realm.

REMINDER: Late Pledge / Pledge Manager will be open till 6th of November.

52. USA Shipping info! Dice Tray Vote!

Welcome Lords and Ladies from across the pond!

- Today update about shipping to USA and North America.

Probably you have noticed that the shipping cost to North America is what it is, this is because a quote for the tracking parcel, we have received from DHL Europe (A company we are using for shipment). Minimum weight is 2 KG, and this means that the parcel from 0.01 Kg up to 2 Kg will unfortunately have the same shipping cost.

Now the better part of the news.

We are currently in talks with one company form USA to help us with shipping, which might decrease the rates. It is hard to tell if we are going to finalise it before end of the Late Pledge, that is why Patric said we will be refunding difference between shipping cost now and what we could achieve with partnership from other company.

The cost of sending parcel from Europe to USA unfortunately sometimes is higher than the basic pledge, but the same it would be other way round.

- From the other news - We are waiting for Perilous World to accept our card design and to provide us a copyright text for the cards. After all cards will be accepted, we will start to put the book together. Production of the SioCast models will start in November.

- In the next update we will try to prepare an excel sheet with progress in % for all and each of the item, and then we will be updating you every week about the progress.

- You have a chance to vote for illustration that we will put on Chronopia Dice Tray (from Stretch Goals). Simply comment A, B, C or D.





53. 1 day left for Pledge Manager! Chronopia at Warfare 2022!

Only 1 day left to fulfil your pledge manager!

If you would like to play a game of Chronopia, visit Warfare 2022 (UK) at Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre 12th of November 2022

Here is a short preview of Troll Deathseeker which you will be able to see live at the show.
Chronopia Miniature Preview: Blackblood Troll Deathseeker

More news and preview of new models next week :)

54. My apologies for the long silence


This will only be a brief update – more of a “sign of life” than a project update (which will follow more regularly from now on again).

Since about September I was pretty much out of order, due to a very high stress level around the SPIEL fair and other events after that.

That resulted in some physical health issues and burn-out which made it almost impossible for me to function properly.

Since I´m the bottleneck for the Chronopia project, this resulted in delays and obviously also in unsatisfactory communication here.

The team now is working on assuring this won´t happen again and of course also on moving on with Chronopia faster. More on this in a future update in detail very soon!

My sincere apologies for the lack of communication in the last two to three month – we will do better in the future again, starting now.

Last but not least – I want to show you some new painted Firstborn miniatures, as well as a preview for the unit cards (which still need to be approved, so there might still be changes).

Talk to you very soon again with actual interesting info and details about the game! Stay tuned!


55. Welcome in another (small) Friday update!

Christmas is coming, and we would like to wish you Merry Christmas from everyone at Uhrwerk Verlag and our UK Team.

In the next week all of you who backed STL files should receive a link to download them.

We are preparing few more surprises for you this year as well. More about it in the next update.

Here is a new art of Crystal Lotus Dream Warrior.

56. Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!

Welcome Lords and Ladies!

First of all I would like to mention that not everything going as fast as we intended, but with small steps we are moving forward.

Yesterday we started to sending invitations to our dropbox for Blood Hunter STL and in the next couple of days we will be sending invitations for the rest of STL (terrain and templates). Keep checking your email.

Update about unit and equipment cards.
Unit and equipment cards has been finished and sent to PW for acceptance.

Update about beta version of the rulebook.
Currently we are finishing put the alpha version together (It is nearly done). After that need to be done some changes and corrections. When Alpha becomes Beta – we will send it to PW for acceptance and then you will receive the beta rules. (Whoever backed a German version, will receive English beta at the same time as the rest of the backers, because we will start the translation work after English version will be done. Of course, when German version will be ready, whoever backed pdf will get that too.) After that we would like to hear as much feedback from you as we can.

Christmas surprises!
Army Builder 3.0 files.
You can download a Chronopia files for Army Builder 3.0 from here:

Battle Scribe Files!
You can download a Battle Scribe files for Chronopia from this link:
Unfortunately I have no time to upload it through GitHub, so it will be visible through BS app, but if someone would like to do that and help with the updating the files, please send us a message.

Check our TikTok @Chronopia_

57. New Year´s Friday update

Welcome my Lords and Ladies!

Happy New Year to you all even if it is Friday the 13th.

Today rather a small update than a large one. We are receiving more and more painted models from various studio.

This time -

Phantasos Studio

More photos soon.

And for the Lore lovers a sneak peek from alpha version of a book.

Stay tooned - more info soon.

- Battle Scribe files are ready to download from the applocation
- Army Builder files under construction

58. The Freezing Moon Friday update.

Welcome Lords and Ladies!

We do not have a lot news this Friday, but some interesting one for sure.

We are waiting for first photos from the production of SioCast models, so as soon as we will receive them from the casting company we will publish it.

Here are more photos of a painted models from Phantasos Studio:

59. First Frozen Moon Update!

Welcome Lords and Ladies!

As we still waiting for news from manufacturer factory, we arrange a live Twitch battle.

4th of March 2023 around midday GMT we will start live session with 300 pts battle Firstborn vs Blackbloods. The battle will take place in our UK home office / place in Telford Shropshire. Are there any backers around Telford area and wish to pop in and help / play / talk ? - just let us know.

More information with link to Twitch channel in the next update.

New Illustration of a Firstborn Maceman

60. Second Frozen Moon Update!

Welcome Lords and Ladies!

  • We are at the final touch for preparing rulebook.  After approval we will be able to send it to you as beta. 
  • As told in previous update 4th of March we will do a live stream of Army Battle Level game between Firstborn and Blackbloods. You will be able to watch it here: Chronopia_ - Twitch 

Firstborn The Judge

Firstborn Chronomancer

Firstborn Repulsar Knight

Firstborn Iron Guards

All models painted by Painting Knights Studio

61. Third Frozen Moon Update!

Welcome Lords and Ladies!

  • Live Stream for the battle between Firstborn and Blackblood for 300 pts each will take place 4th of March 12:00 GMT on our new channel: Stream - Twitch.  It will take minimum of 3 hours, so grab yourself a popcorn and enjoy the show.
  • We are starting to send emails from Dropbox to all backers with pledge level 40+ of Training Dummy STL and PDF Tents with beta rules for them. If for any reason you will not be able to find an email from Dropbox till end of a weekend, write an short message to 

62. Last Frozen Moon Update!

Welcome Warlords!

  • The Alpha version of a Rulebook finally has been sent to IP owner for approval. As soon as we receive a green light, you might expect a mail with link to PDF. We really cannot wait till you finally get your eyes on it.
  • 8 days from now, there will be our first official battle on Twitch. Follow our channel to do not miss any streaming.  We have hope to show and tell you even more news.

63. First Savage Moon

Welcome Lords and Ladies!

  • In about 4hr we will start a live Twitch. The battle between Firstborn and Blackbloods. So make sure you are following us on Twitch. Here is a link:
  • We have hope we could give you some more info from production next week.
  • Still we haven´t heard a word from IP owner. Beta version of a book is waiting for a green light.

Savege Troll

Alchemist with Muhar Zohal

Blackblood army

64. Second Savage Moon

Listen ye, for I shall regale thee with a tale of triumph and glory!

In days of yore, we set out on a perilous quest to craft a rulebook that would govern our endeavours. We toiled and laboured, our pens scratching furiously across parchment, until at last, we had fashioned a document of great import and majesty.

But our journey was not yet complete, for we knew that we must seek the approval of the fabled IP owner Heroic Signatures, a powerful and fearsome entity known to be exceedingly strict in matters of copyright and trademark.

Our hearts pounded with trepidation as we presented our rulebook for inspection. We waited with bated breath as the IP owner perused our work, their eyes flickering across each word and phrase.

Then, in a moment that seemed to stretch for an eternity, the Heroic Signatures lifted their gaze and spoke: "We approve."

A great cheer rose up from our midst, echoing across the land and shaking the very foundations of the earth. For we had triumphed over adversity, and our rulebook had been deemed worthy by the most exacting of judges.

And so, we celebrated, with mead and song and joyous revelry, for we knew that our labours had not been in vain. And though our path may still be fraught with challenge and danger, we march forward with renewed vigour, secure in the knowledge that we have won the approval of the IP owner, and the blessings of fate.

We have received initial approve for our rulebook and cards.
Listen well, ye who gather here,
For a proclamation I must make clear,
Our rulebook, once thought flawless and grand,
Shall now be subject to the Backers´ command.

Their wisdom and insight we shall heed,
For their support is the very seed,
That allowed our vision to take flight
And brought our dreams into the light.

Their voices shall ring loud and true,
As we review each and every rule,
Their feedback shall guide us on our way,
Towards a brighter and more perfect day.

So let us welcome our Backers´ gaze,
For in their hands, our fate does blaze,
May their counsel guide us to greatness,
And lead us to a future that is truly blessed.

As soon as possible we will send to the backers a Beta version of a rulebook.
Amidst the realm of imagination and creativity lies a world of Chronopia fantastical miniatures, painted with the utmost skill and care by the masterful hands of Phantasos Studio. Each miniature is a unique work of art, imbued with a soul of its own and brought to life with a painter´s brush.

As you gaze upon these wondrous creations, you will be transported to a realm of heroes and villains, dragons and beasts, and epic battles waged in the name of glory and honour. Every detail has been meticulously crafted, from the intricate armour of a Firstborn Iron Guard to the Icy touch of Elven Archers.

The colours are rich and vibrant, capturing the essence of each character and creature in stunning detail. From the ethereal glow of a magical spell to the rusty patina of an ancient weapon, every hue tells a story and adds to the rich tapestry of Chronopia world.

Behold the wonder of Phantasos Studio´s painted miniatures and let your imagination soar to new heights. These masterpieces are not simply models, but living works of art that will inspire and captivate you for years to come.

65. First Wailing Moon

Amidst the swirling mists of uncertainty and anticipation, a great moment has arrived for the warriors of Chronopia. For at long last, a sacred and powerful tome has been unveiled, a beta version of the rulebook that shall guide them on their perilous quests and battles.

With great reverence, the loyal backers of this mighty game have been granted the privilege of perusing its pages, a glimpse into the secrets and mysteries that await them in the realm of Chronopia. Within these hallowed pages lies the knowledge to command armies, forge alliances, and crush foes beneath the weight of one´s iron will.

As the beta rulebook spreads through the lands, whispers and rumors of its power and majesty grow ever stronger. From the towering peaks of the Great Ice Fields to the fetid swamps of the Southern Jungle, warriors of every creed and kind seek to grasp the secrets of Chronopia for their own.

With each page turned and each word absorbed, the backers of Chronopia grow in strength and knowledge, preparing themselves for the battles yet to come. For they know that only by mastering the rules of this great game can they hope to claim victory in the epic struggles that await them.

So let the trumpets sound and the banners fly high, for the beta rulebook of Chronopia has arrived, a harbinger of the greatness that is yet to come. Let all who seek power and glory turn their eyes to this mighty tome, and let them be forever changed by the knowledge it contains.

  • Emails from Mailchimp ( and Dropbox has been sent to the backers who bought PDF and printed version on the book (That includes Starter Boxes).

If by any chance you did not receive an email from Mailchimp and / or Dropbox, check your spam. If still some goblins hid it from you, write a message to:

66. Second Wailing Moon

  • First SioCast samples arrived

Listen, ye mortal beings, and harken to my tale, Of the wondrous news that has arrived without fail, From far-off lands, where the ocean waves doth crash, Come the first samples of SioCast, with a mighty splash!
Swiftly they were sent, on wings of lightning and steel, Through the air they soared, with a fierce and mighty zeal, Crossing oceans and mountains, they braved the fiercest gales, Till they arrived at last, to tell their wondrous tales.
The first SioCast samples, in all their radiant glory, Have arrived at our doorstep, to tell a thrilling story, Of strength and of power, of resilience and might, A wonder to behold, a true marvel of sight.
Their beauty is unmatched, their properties divine, A true testament to human ingenuity and design, For in these tiny samples, we see the future bright, Of a world transformed, with new technologies and light.
So let us all rejoice, and raise a mighty cheer, For the first SioCast samples, that are finally here, May they pave the way, for a brighter tomorrow, And bring us all closer, to a world without sorrow.

Hark! Hearken to my words, ye mortal souls, Of a tale of triumph, of a goal we shall behold, Of a mighty quest, that we embarked upon, To craft a rulebook, that shall stand the test of time, anon.
For long we toiled, with hearts and minds ablaze, With pen and parchment, we crafted every phrase, Tireless we were, with our eyes upon the prize, To create a masterpiece, that would be our great enterprise.
Our noble cause, it did not go unnoticed, For backers came forth, with their support and their focus, With hearts full of hope, and a love for our game, They stood by our side, to help us achieve our aim.
>And now, as the seasons turn, and the months roll by, We have achieved a wondrous milestone, under the sky, For the end of May, in the year twenty-three, Shall mark the time, when feedback shall be collected in its entirety.
From every corner of the world, we have gathered opinions, From every voice that spoke, we have heard their emotions, With the power of collaboration, we shall refine our creation, And make our rulebook, a true marvel of imagination.
So let us rejoice, and raise our swords to the sky, For the end of May, when our mission shall draw nigh, And as we march forth, towards a future bright and grand, We shall hold our heads up high, and make our mark upon this land.

  • Deadline for sending feedback is end of May 2023

Listen well, dear mortal, and hear my tale of might, Of a masterful craftsman, whose artistry ignites, A flame of wonder, in the hearts of all who see, His great elven miniatures, crafted with such majesty.
Rafał Maj, the name of this great artisan, Whose talent and skill, is known throughout the land, With brush in hand, and a vision in his mind, He paints his elven miniatures, leaving us all behind.
Few photos have arrived, from the realm of Rafał´s art, Of great elven warriors, who have captured our hearts, In hues of silver and gold, with intricate detail so fine, His miniatures take us to a world, so wondrous and divine.
The elves stand tall, with grace and poise so rare, Their armour glinting, in the light so fair, Their weapons sharp, and ready for the fray, Their painted beauty, takes our breath away.
With every stroke of Rafał´s brush, a masterpiece is born, A miniature so perfect, it leaves us all forlorn, For we yearn to see more, to delve into his world so vast, To witness the wonder, of his elven miniatures that last.
So let us all rejoice, and hail this great master of art, Whose elven miniatures, have captured our heart, For in his hands, he wields a power so grand, That he creates a world, beyond what we can understand.

  • Choose the Next Battle

Hark, ye backers of great renown, Whose support has kept us on solid ground, In our quest to bring a game so grand, To all who seek adventure, in a wondrous land.
Now we ask of thee, a question so bold, A challenge to thy wit, a tale to be told, Of which two factions, in the Battle so fierce, Wouldst thou like to see, in our game that we revere?
Will it be the Firstborn, with their might so great, Whose warriors charge forth, to seal their fate, Or the Elves, with their grace and poise so rare, Whose arrows fly true, to pierce through the air.
Or shall it be the Dwarves, with their sturdy frame, Whose hammers ring out, with a deafening acclaim, Or the Blackblood, with their cunning and guile, Whose treachery and schemes, make their foes recoil.
Or perhaps the Devout, with their faith so strong, Whose magic and prayers, right every wrong, Whose piety and devotion, know no bounds, Whose power and righteousness, astounds.
So tell us, oh backers, which two factions shall stand, In the Battle so epic, that is the heart of our land, For with your voice, we shall bring to life, A game of adventure, a story so rife.
  • Last Quo Vadis Uhrwerk Verlag - about Chronopia

67. First Weeping Moon!

Welcome Lords and Ladies!

Gather round, oh ye backers of Chronopia, Hear ye my words and heed my call, For I bring tidings of progress and hope, That shall fill thy hearts and lift thy souls.
Oh valiant ones, who with unwavering faith, Have waited long for the Chronopia project, Thy patience hath been a true test of mettle, And thy steadfastness an inspiration to all.
But know ye now that the work goes on, Behind the curtain, beyond the veil, The craftsmen toil and the artists create, With a passion that shall never fail.
For the world of Chronopia is vast and rich, And it requires much skill and care, To bring it to life in all its glory, And make it a world beyond compare.
So do not falter, oh ye faithful backers, For thy support hath been a beacon of light, Guiding us through the darkest of days, And giving us strength to continue the fight.
And when at last the day arrives, When Chronopia shines forth in all its splendor, Know ye then that it was thy faith and trust, That made this wondrous world a reality to remember.
So let us raise our voices high, In gratitude and in praise, To the backers of Chronopia, Who have waited long and true for these days.

Let´s start from the most important news. Time Schedule of production.


We are starting production of models. How it looks and how long each phase will take.
1st – SioCasting Company (DTR) receiving our models and preparing cut lines.
2nd – Models with those lines going back to 3d Sculptor Studio (Barruz Studio) to do the cuts.
3rd – Parts that has been cut are master printed in SioCasting Company to check if everything is castable. If not, 3d Sculptor Studio needs to amend it.
4th – The SioCasting Company creating moulds and start casting Chronopia models.
5th- Each production is split into more less 10 models. After that models are done, we continue to the next 10 models and get back to point 1.
In optimistic way if there won´t be any delays, those 5 points taking 2 weeks´ time. Chronopia range of models are about 130, which takes 26 weeks to be done.

At this very minute first 10 models are ready to cast (Firstborn Iron Guards and Longbowmen) and another 10 are waiting for cut lines (Firstborn Swordsmen and Firstborn Macemen).

If we investigate calendar, it tells us that production time will be till November 2023.


We are waiting for your feedback till the end of May 2023. After that we will amend the rulebook and hopefully by the end of June 2023 will send it to the Printing House. After English version goes to print, our translators will start work on German version.


We have sent our boxes layouts to Heroic Signatures for approval. You can look on work in progress version below. After approving our graphic design team will start to create a layout for each unit. Unfortunately, we do not have yet all models painted in box cover standard, but they have been sent to Phantasos Studio to be painted. When we get the confirmation with completion date, we will let you know in separate update.


We cannot tell exact date when we start ship the parcels. Too many things need to be done before that, but we hope that backers will have their pledges before Christmas this year (English version).

After sending the pdf of beta Rulebook we have received a lot of emails from you about missing pdf. The main reason was that Pledge Manager wasn´t fulfilled. If you paid us money for things over Kickstarter but not have fulfilled the Pledge Manager, we do not know what you want, and we do not know the address – which means we won´t ship anything. Please double check if your pledge manager is fulfilled. Still 17% of the backers did not do the pledge manager.


from Painting Knight Studio


(Devout vs Blackblood Empire)
In the land of Chronopia, where the winds of war constantly blow, a great battle looms on the horizon. The devout forces from the Vanhorn have mustered their armies, marching forth to face the dreaded Blackblood Empire on their own soil. The fate of nations hangs in the balance as these two mighty powers prepare to clash.
The Blackblood Empire, with their legions of fearsome orcs and ogres with their alchemy, have long been a thorn in the side of the Vanhorn citadel. Their brutal raids and merciless conquests have left a trail of blood and destruction in their wake, and the time has come for the devout to strike back. Led by the Warped Lords and Dusk Demons, the armies of the east march with grim determination towards the enemy lines.
The Empire´s legions, however, are no strangers to war. With their powerful war engines and alchemy powers, they stand ready to repel the eastern invaders. The sky is darkened by the smoke of forges as their weapons are sharpened and their armour is donned. The Empire´s generals issue their orders, rallying their troops with fiery speeches and promises of glory.
As the armies draw near, the ground trembles beneath their feet. The clash of steel and the roar of engines fills the air, drowning out even the cries of the wounded. The eastern forces, bolstered by their faith and their righteous fury, charge forward with a ferocity that takes the Empire by surprise. The Empire´s war engines belch forth smoke and flame, cutting down scores of the faithful with their deadly firepower.
But the dusk demons, shining with infernal power, lead the charge, their swords cutting through the Empire´s ranks like butter. Their prayers and blessings lend strength and courage to their comrades, and the tide of battle begins to turn. The Empire´s generals, sensing the danger, throw their elite troops into the fray, hoping to stem the eastern advance.

In the midst of the chaos, a figure strides forth from the eastern lines. It is the Warped Lord himself, wielding a Horn of Decay, that glows with a twisting dark light. His voice rings out across the battlefield, calling down the power of the dark one himself to smite the Blackblood´s forces. The skies darken, and lightning strikes the ground, blasting apart the Empire´s war machines and leaving their troops reeling.
As the smoke clears, the Empire´s forces are in disarray, their lines shattered, and their morale broken. The northern forces press their advantage, hacking their way through the scattered remnants of the Empire´s army. At last, with a triumphant cry, they reach the heart of the Empire´s territory, their faith and their bravery earning them a hard-fought victory.

Thus ends the battle, but the war continues. The Vanhorn Citadel has struck a blow against the Blackblood Empire, but their enemies will not rest until they have been vanquished once and for all. And so, the armies of Chronopia continue to march, their destinies intertwined in a never-ending struggle for power and glory.


Listen, oh ye faithful backers, For I bring tidings of a tale, A story of the unforeseen, That hath caused us to stumble and fail.
We had set forth with great ambition, To bring to life a vision bold, To craft a world of wonder and magic, For ye, our backers, brave and bold.
But alas, our calculations were flawed, And our plans did not come to be, For the path we chose was treacherous, And obstacles we did not foresee.
We journeyed forth with hearts afire, And a fierce determination to succeed, But the road was long and winding, And we were caught in a tempest´s heed.
Yet through the storm we pressed on, With grit and courage we forged ahead, And though our progress was delayed, We refused to be vanquished or misled.
But still we stumbled and faltered, And the deadline we had set was missed, For the path we chose was fraught with peril, And the challenges proved too much to resist.
Yet hear me now, oh ye noble backers, For though we faltered, we did not fail, And the next update we bring forth, Shall reveal the reasons for our travail.
We shall not make excuses or equivocate, Nor shall we shy from the truth, For we owe it to ye, our loyal backers, To be transparent and forthright in all we do.
So hold fast, oh ye steadfast backers, For the next update shall come to thee, And though it may bring challenges and obstacles, We shall press on with unwavering bravery.

68. Second Weeping Moon!

  • So – about the delays…

As announced, here are some explanations and dumb excuses about the delayed production schedule.
First of all – this is our first big miniature product. In the past we mainly did  pen&paper books, novels and only a handful of single miniatures.
So, we frankly wrongly estimated the time it takes to go from 3d design to finished model. Since we had the designs ready at the time of the crowdfunding, we thought we wouldn´t take that much time to get everything else organised. We were wrong with that, obviously.
Talking to the manufacture and finally getting production started took longer than expected because “everyone” was drowning in work, had personal issues, had to cope with Covid and the general state of the world, wasn´t at SPIEL to talk to properly in person… and so on…
We ourselves were hit hard by Covid and the war in the Ukraine – paper got VERY expensive, so printing costs for our products went up, which affected our overall cashflow and slowed us down. Also, some private issues took me out of order most of 2021 and slowed everything down.
Because of that we had to change direction generally with the company, like ending our affords in having our own store in Germany, which we put a lot of money and work in already and then putting much work into AGAIN to unwind that project.
Or moving our warehouse and logistics to somewhere cheaper, which we will do within the next months.
And it was somewhat similar with the partners we work together with, so these problems and delays “stacked” on each other.
But we are now working very hard (and hopefully fast ) on the actual production of the miniatures and accessories, so you will see pictures of proof of our current work very soon and regularly!

  • New Sculpts

In the realm where creativity weaves its intricate tapestry, where imagination reigns and dreams take flight, a symphony of design unfolds before our very eyes. Behold, for we stand at the precipice of greatness, with the design of models stretching towards a future yet uncharted. With each passing moment, the dawning of a new era draws nigh, as the fruits of untiring labor manifest in the form of awe-inspiring creations.
Step closer, wanderer, and cast your gaze upon the enchanting wonders that lie before you. From the depths of ancient lore and mythical realms, emerge the Elven Axemen, embodiments of ethereal grace and formidable strength. Their slender frames bear the mark of eldritch artistry, as if sculpted by the hands of celestial beings. Clad in armour adorned with intricate elven motifs, they stand as sentinels of the forest, protectors of their verdant homeland.

But lo, amidst this gathering of majestic figures, emerges a figure of unparalleled grandeur. The Elven Dragonbane Leader, a beacon of command and wisdom, stands tall with an aura that commands respect. Like a chieftain of old, adorned with regal armor that shimmers with an otherworldly glow, this noble guardian possesses an unyielding spirit and an unbreakable resolve. With a gaze as sharp as a falcon´s, and a presence that eclipses all, the Elven Dragonbane Leader leads their brethren into battle against the very creatures that would seek to bring ruin upon their land.
As you bear witness to these forthcoming marvels, let your heart soar upon the wings of imagination. The skillful hands of the artisans have breathed life into each intricate detail, weaving tales of heroism and mythical valor. From the meticulous crafting of each weapon to the painstaking attention given to every fold of armour, these models embody the essence of both beauty and strength.

They stand as harbingers of a destiny yet unwritten, beckoning the world to embark upon a journey of unparalleled wonder. With the design of models leading the way, we are but humble witnesses to the birth of a new era, where legends come alive and tales unfold with each brushstroke.
So, stand tall, oh seeker of greatness, for you are blessed to behold these wonders before their time. As the realm of possibility unfurls its wings, prepare to be transported to a realm where imagination knows no bounds. For the forthcoming Elven Axemen and the majestic Elven Dragonbane Leader shall forever stand as testaments to the limitless power of design and the boundless depths of human creativity.

  • Painted Demo Box Models

Like a maestro commanding an orchestra of hues, Rafał Maj wields his brush with an ethereal grace, conjuring realms of mesmerizing beauty and profound meaning. With every stroke, he breathes life into the silent figures, imbuing their essence with a touch of his own soul. In each stroke, a symphony unfolds, resounding through the depths of the observer´s heart.
Behold, as his brush glides upon the surface, a metamorphosis begins. Ordinary figures are transfigured into extraordinary beings, their eyes glowing with secrets untold. Time itself bows before the majesty of his craft, freezing moments within the eternal embrace of artistry. As colours intertwine and textures emerge, the boundaries between the tangible and the intangible blur, revealing a glimpse of the infinite.

69. The First of the Crimson Moon

Welcome Lords and Ladies!

  • Production of the models has started!

In the realm where innovation sparks like celestial fire, amidst a symphony of precision and imagination, the illustrious kingdom of technology bore witness to an extraordinary event. With bated breath and hearts afire, the momentous occasion unfolded, heralding the genesis of a ground breaking creation: the production of the first batch of SioCast models.
As the sun cast its golden rays upon the assembly halls, a hallowed silence settled upon the bustling factory floor. Expert craftsmen and engineers, their brows furrowed with determination, stood poised before the almighty assembly line, where grand designs were about to materialize. Each individual held the secret of their craft, fuelled by a shared vision to shape the future.

There was a small problem with thickness of the Iron Guard Shields, which cause a delay in start of the production, but it has been fixed now.
Second batch of models are already cut and waiting to be master printed for new moulds.

  • Thank you for your Feedback about the Beta Rulebook!

In the realm where legends are born and stories are etched into eternity, a resounding chorus of gratitude rises, carried by the winds of appreciation. In the hallowed halls of creation, where the Rulebook took shape, a symphony of heartfelt appreciation resounds, echoing through the chambers of innovation. With humble hearts and voices lifted in reverence, we extend our unwavering gratitude to our revered backers, whose wisdom and feedback breathed life into our creation.
Like valiant warriors on a quest for perfection, our backers wielded their pens as mighty swords, slashing through the thickets of ambiguity and obscurity. With unwavering resolve, they scoured every page, leaving no word unturned, no concept unexplored. Their counsel, a beacon in the darkest night, guided us towards the shores of clarity and understanding. Their voices, a thunderous roar, carried the weight of experience and the strength of conviction. In the annals of our creation, their names shall be etched in gold, forever woven into the tapestry of our legacy. From the depths of our souls, we extend our sincerest gratitude, for it is their passion, their discerning gaze, that has elevated our Rulebook to unprecedented heights.

70. Second Crimson Moon

Chronopia Realms

Chronomancer Alistair Crom Ronald Owley, a figure of captivating presence, stood as a pillar of knowledge and power within the Firstborn ranks. With an aura that blended wisdom and authority, he commanded both respect and admiration from those who knew of his formidable abilities.
Tall and imposing, Alistair possessed an air of agelessness, his silver hair flowing like streams of time itself. His eyes, a mesmerizing shade of deep azure, held a profound intensity that hinted at the countless secrets they had beheld. Etched upon his weathered face were the lines of a life spent delving into the mysteries of chronomancy, each mark a testament to the depth of his knowledge.

Rumours had whispered through the shadowed corridors of the arcane guild, carrying tidings of an extraordinary honour bestowed upon him. The One King himself had summoned Alistair to journey to the enigmatic realm known as Yperdiastimapi, or the 8th Tower.
As the Chronomancer stepped through the ancient portal, the air crackled with an electric fervour, and a profound sense of reverence embraced his being. The 8th Tower awaited, a place where the boundaries of reality blurred, and possibilities beyond mortal comprehension awaited discovery.
Wandering through the labyrinthine corridors of the tower, Alistair´s eyes fell upon a massive mural that adorned the wall. It was a sprawling map of the known realms, intricately detailed and shimmering with a mystic luminescence. Each realm bore its own unique character, shaped by the whims of magic and the dreams of its inhabitants.
From the heavenly light of Anypsosipa to the Realm of Souls of Ypodiastimapia, the map revealed a tapestry of wonders. Alistair´s gaze lingered upon unknown for the Firstborn Haven Realm of Katafigiopia, where Elven Lotus Eaters and Dream Warriors are traveling using their magic. He marvelled at the shimmering Realm of Ypodiastimapia, where most of the souls end up after meeting their doom.
Further still, his eyes traced the shadowed Twilight Realm called Lycophospia, cloaked in perpetual darkness, where nocturnal creatures thrived under the watchful moon´s gaze. Beside it there was all known Dusk Realm, from where most of the infernal creatures comes to Chronopia Realm. Across the sprawling expanse, countless other realms beckoned, each with its own secrets and tales waiting to be unravelled.

Yet, as Alistair drank in the wonders of the mural, he couldn´t help but feel the weight of his purpose. The One King awaited him, the embodiment of power and wisdom. His heart swelled with a mixture of awe and trepidation, knowing that his journey through the 8th Tower would lead him to the presence of greatness itself.
The corridors stretched on, adorned with ancient tapestries and illuminated by orbs of pulsating magic. Time seemed to bend and warp, guiding Alistair towards his destined encounter. With every step, he could sense the fabric of reality thinning, his connection to the realms deepening.
Finally, Alistair reached the heart of the tower, where an imposing throne awaited him. As he gazed upon the One King, an entity cloaked in regal robes and crowned with celestial light, a surge of reverence coursed through his veins. The Chronomancer knelt, his head bowed in deference, ready to receive the wisdom and guidance that awaited him.
The journey to Yperdiastimapi had brought Alistair to the pinnacle of his craft, in the presence of the ultimate arbiter of time. His story, intertwined with the vast tapestry of Chronopia, had taken an irrevocable turn. And in this moment, as the One King´s voice resonated through the corridors of eternity, Alistair knew that his tale would forever be written in the annals of legend, as the Chronomancer who dared to venture to the 8th Tower and commune with the embodiment of time itself.

71. First Golden Moon

Welcome Lords and Ladies!

In the realm of innovation and ingenuity, amidst the ever-turning gears of progress, we gather here today to unveil the triumphs of human creativity. Behold, as we present to you, in epic glory, the legendary photos captured from the fiery crucible of the second wave of SioCast models.
Like a tempest of technological prowess, these embodiments of human brilliance stand tall and proud, emerging from the anvil of meticulous craftsmanship. Their visages, wrought with precision and care, bear the mark of unparalleled artistry. With each gleaming contour, their metallic bodies breathe life into the boundless potential that lies within.
In these captured moments frozen in time, witness the relentless pursuit of perfection as the Firstborn faction of SioCast models rises like phoenixes from the ashes. Their steel sinews and crystalline minds are harnessed, ready to serve as beacons of efficiency and innovation. They shall navigate the treacherous currents of time, standing steadfast as guardians of the Firstborn faction.

Here are a photo of some models from the first wave

  • 3rd wave will be individual models and cavalry for the Firstborn and after that we will start producing next faction.
  • Correction in rulebook has been finished and print files are being prepared by our graphic team.
  • We are waiting for our box approval from the Heroic Signatures (IP owner).
  • Our painting teams are working with full throttle to deliver painted models for us on time, so they could appear on the boxes.

72. Second Golden Moon

In the realm of Chronopia, where battles are waged and legends are born, a profound artistry arises, a testament to the imagination and skill of the Phantasos Studio and Silver Skull Painting Studio. Behold, their brushes dance upon the canvas of miniature warriors, transcending the mundane and transforming the mundane into the extraordinary.

With deft strokes and meticulous precision, these master artisans breathe life into the Firstborn´s brave champions. Each sculpted figure emerges from the depths of formlessness, embracing the essence of their lore and embodying the spirit of battle. From the humble foot soldier to the mighty warlord, every detail is meticulously captured, every nuance crafted with unwavering dedication.
The paint, an alchemical fusion of vibrant pigments and boundless creativity, cascades upon the tiny warriors like a rainbow of destiny. Colors blend and swirl, creating an ever-changing tapestry that tells tales of valor and despair, hope and sacrifice. The hues are chosen with care, infused with the very essence of the Firstborn´s world, lending a surreal brilliance to the artistry at hand.
Each miniature stands as a testament to the vision and skill of the artisans, a testament to their ability to mold raw materials into objects of sublime beauty. They become more than mere playthings; they become conduits of storytelling and gateways to boundless realms. The intricacies of armor gleam with a metallic luster, reflecting the toil and craftsmanship invested into their creation. Weapons are honed with a meticulousness that rivals that of the gods themselves, ready to cleave through adversaries and rewrite the course of battle.
But it is not just the physical aspects that captivate the beholder. In the depths of the Firstborn´s eyes, one can glimpse the eternal struggle, the unyielding determination that propels them forward. These are not lifeless puppets, but embodiments of passion and emotion, each brushstroke bringing forth a character that resonates with the observer´s very soul.
In the realm of miniature painting, Phantasos Studio and Silver Skull Painting Studio stand as paragons of their craft. With boundless creativity and an unwavering commitment to excellence, they breathe life into the legions of the Firstborn. Through their hands, the worlds of myth and reality intertwine, and the mere act of holding these miniatures becomes an immersive journey, a portal to a realm where dreams and heroism collide.

So let us raise our brushes and salute these artisans of the fantastical, for they have bestowed upon us a gallery of living dreams. In their hands, the Firstborn´s warriors transcend the confines of plastic and pigment, becoming avatars of imagination and inspiration. And as we gaze upon their masterpieces, let our hearts be filled with wonder and our spirits be ignited with the flame of adventure.

  • MasterClass Painted models by Phantasos Studio and Silver Skull Painting Studio


Iron Guard Command Group


Swordsmen Command Group

The Judge


Youtube Video - Chronomancer

In the realm where imagination takes flight and dreams are woven into reality, a momentous event unfolded, shrouded in whispers and anticipation. From the depths of creation´s forge, a masterpiece emerged, its essence pulsating with power and promise. It is the pre-production first copy of the legendary Chronopia Rulebook, a tome that held the key to an entire universe.

  • Pre Production copy of Chronopia Rulebook just arrived

Youtube Video - (First look) Pre Production Rulebook

Few minor changes compared to the beta version (some of the characteristics, rules and skills has been modified) and printed rulebook won´t have a blue coloured Keywords. Instead the colour will be exactly the same as rest of the text in the book, but with different font, for easier reading.

  • Chronopia World Website

Currently we are working on our official Chronopia Website ( and soon we will open in 3 different languages (German, English, Polish). More information soon.

  • Firstborn Wave 3 production

Last wave of Firstborn Models has been cut and sent to SioCast production. Next Crystal Lotus Elves.

73. First Burning Moon

  • New Painted Models of Crystal Lotus Elves

Behold, O noble souls and seekers of wonder! Gather ´round, for a spectacle of splendor is upon us, a tapestry woven from the ethereal threads of imagination and artistry. With hearts brimming with anticipation and eyes that yearn to be bedazzled, we present unto you a procession of marvels – a cavalcade of Crystal Lotus Elves, each figure an embodiment of elegance and enigma, rendered upon the canvas of reality by the masterful hand of Rafał Maj.

Oh, ye who dare to dream and envision, allow your senses to be enraptured by the alchemical dance of colours and strokes that birthed these ethereal beings into existence. Each model, a vessel of transcendence, stands as a testament to the profound union of craft and inspiration. The Crystal Lotus Elves, bathed in an otherworldly luminance, traverse the boundary between the seen and the unseen, the known and the unfathomed.

As the sun kisses the horizon with its golden lips, revealing the vast expanse of the artist´s imagination, one cannot help but be drawn into their realm – a realm where petals of crystal unfurl, and leaves of iridescence dance upon zephyrs of mystique. With each meticulous brushstroke, Rafał Maj conjures life where there was none, giving flesh to phantoms and breath to reverie.

Marvel, dear connoisseurs of art, at the delicate interplay of light and shadow that caresses the contours of every sculpted form. Gaze upon the intricacies that grace the robes, resplendent as the shimmering waters of forgotten lakes, and the eyes that shimmer like twin stars in the velvet canvas of night. These Crystal Lotus Elves, borne from the artist´s heart and imbued with his very soul, stand as the embodiment of a vision made tangible, a mirage materialized.

So, let your spirits be buoyed by the enchantment before you, as the Crystal Lotus Elves stand in all their resplendent majesty, inviting you to journey into realms untold. A symphony of colours and dreams painted across the canvas of reality, these figures are more than mere sculptures; they are emissaries of the sublime, messengers of the ineffable. Presented to you with reverence and admiration, these Crystal Lotus Elves by Rafał Maj are an ode to the boundless reaches of human imagination and the wondrous artistry that can meld reality into visions beyond compare.

  • Small Production Update

We had a small radio silence (delay) from De Tinnen Roos (Casting company). Today we´d received an email, that they´ve come back from GenCon and will back to work on our project. As soon as we will receive more info and photos from the production, we will publish them.

74. Essen Spiel Update

Welcome My Lords and Ladies!
If you would like to talk about Chronopia, please visit us at Essen Spiel.
Next update few days after the show.

75. First Fading Moon

  • Miniature Production

We wish to inform you that, regrettably, our anticipated completion of miniature production by November 2023 will not be met as previously communicated. This delay has arisen due to significant communication challenges encountered with our manufacturer. We understand the importance of this matter and will provide a comprehensive update as soon as we receive communication from the miniature manufacturer or a resolution to the ongoing issues in other ways.

At this juncture, we have successfully completed the production of the Firstborn Faction, marking the completion of 1/5 of the total models scheduled for production. It is essential to acknowledge that we share your dissatisfaction with the current situation. We remain committed to resolving these issues promptly. Your understanding and patience during this challenging period are greatly appreciated.

  • Production

Numerous items have been ordered, including but not limited to tens of thousands of miniature bases, dice trays, and various other supplies. Which we gladly show as soon as arrive in our warehouse.

  • South London Warlords Salute 51 (13th of April 2024)

We are pleased to formally announce that Uhrwerk Verlag will be participating in the upcoming South London Warlords Salute event next year, featuring Chronopia Dark Fantasy Miniature Battles. We extend a warm invitation to you to join us for a captivating gaming experience, an opportunity to meet our dedicated team, and the potential to acquire some of the goods. Your presence would be greatly appreciated.

  • German Translation

We are delighted to inform you that the German translation process for the game is now underway. We will provide a demonstration of our progress as soon as it becomes available for your review. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

  • Painted Miniatures

76. First Falling Moon

  • A personal letter of the manufacturer.

Dear backers of Chronopia,

For the Miniatures production I have find some difficulties to fulfil your project.
As normal a render of a mini is not the file we use for production. There is a long way to clean up and making miniatures castable.
Originally when I started with the project, my plan was to cut the models on skype with the people of Chronopia (10 models per 14 days) and mould them into family moulds (more models per mould ) in this way I could get one complete faction in 3 moulds.
The parts which still give me some issues I decided to print. But more and more building you project I started to realize that printing on demand would be a better option than making moulds for just 100-200 pieces each and get a lot of technical issues of the moulding in family moulds.

In mean time my company have expanded 2 years in a row for more than 30% per year and I have travelled globally to sell and install professional 3D printers and injection moulding machines. In this fantastic journey I learned minimum as much as I did learn other people. Which is great for both! Looking back to a year ago a lot has changed into production of a miniature. ATM I am promoting a concept called hybrid production, where slowly we are moving from moulding to printing without losing quality. As a matter of fact, the reason of our great quality is we are using for years printing our masters on Asiga 3d printers "Expensive but extremely detailed and crisp". Normally we always have used or masters to form them into silicon. But the Asiga build trays are getting bigger and the materials we are using to print our maters getting more flexible. So, production printing has started also in my company. Instead of making a master ready, we just print our production.

For Chronopia the lower volumes are making the project perfect for that. As I already have moulded and cast one faction and you will see that we will deliver a combination between moulding and printing. The next factions even more parts will be printed instead casted.
For the last 7 months I am responsible for the delays in the miniatures! The growing of my company has made it impossible to help this project with some challenges.

What do I mean with helping:
The biggest challenge for me was how to successfully make this project happen with so many models for that price. I my opinion It´s a lot of models of a great quality for the amount that you have paid. When I would cast and mould this myself it´s still profitable for me and the company and use it a case study, when I really put a lot of staff on this project, it´s definitely not. I got in touch with the Chronopia project true a friend/customer of me and I promised him that I will help him out. So, I will keep myself to the promise. From week the week of November the 20th I will pick up my work with this project to work on it for 2days per week. I will combine printing and Moulding and send you a weekly update in the process. Let me also say that I am only responsible for the miniatures in this project.

Patric asked me what´s the reason of the delay of the miniatures, well I told him exactly what´s in the letter, and I don´t mind at all if he will share this with the backers. I am really proud in my company and where we have gone in the last 20 years. I still have my biggest passion in making miniatures in the best possible quality. Feel free to look and Instagram or Facebook what we are doing!

From the 20th I keep you updated and again sorry for the delays of the miniatures!

Met vriendelijke groet,

Kind Regards,
Ramon Jahn

  • Painted Miniatures

77. First Withered Moon

  • Miniature Production Update

We are pleased to provide you with an update on the production of the eagerly anticipated Chronopia miniatures.

We are in close collaboration with company DTR, our esteemed manufacturing partner, and have recently received additional images showcasing the meticulous production process. These visuals offer a comprehensive insight into the craftsmanship and attention to detail that are going into the creation of your miniatures.

  • Production Update

We are pleased to share that the initial shipments of small components and accessories have commenced, marking an exciting phase in our fulfilment process. As a glimpse into this progress, we are delighted to present a photo featuring the recently received A3 posters.

Your continued support fuels our dedication to delivering a product of the highest quality, and we are committed to keeping you informed as additional items arrive. We appreciate your patience and enthusiasm throughout this journey.

  • Studio Update

We are thrilled to announce that our German division is actively preparing a captivating new demo board for Chronopia, showcasing the immersive world and intricacies of our game. As a special treat for our community, we invite you to take a sneak peek at the accompanying photos below.

The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail invested in this project exemplify our commitment to delivering an unparalleled gaming experience. We are confident that this demo board will further enhance your anticipation for the unique adventures that Chronopia has in store.

78. First Freezing Moon

Greetings, Backers, in this Frosty Season. We are thrilled to unveil a new update that you have been eagerly anticipating, in which you will witness the glorious production of miniatures and dice, our splendid catalogue, the translation of our products to the mighty German language, and stunning photos of exquisitely painted models.
Prepare to be dazzled by the dark and mysterious world of Chronopia, where ancient secrets, sinister forces, and epic battles await you. Join us as we unveil the latest developments of our project and witness the fruits of our labour and passion.

  • Miniature Production

Due to the delays from the DTR manufacturer company, we have decided to diversify our production. We have begun to produce Chronopia models from different manufacturers, starting from the end of our list. We aim to complete the production of all the miniatures by May 2024. We hope this decision will speed up the process, as we are no longer dependent on a single company. As previously stated, we will prepare a spreadsheet that displays the production status of each faction. Updates will be more frequent as well.

We are excited to announce that we are developing a new character for the game, who can be used in any faction. This is our way of expressing our gratitude for your patience and support during the long delays. We can only reveal that she will be a Forest Hag for now but stay tuned for more updates.

  • Dice Production

The production of the dice has commenced. We expect to receive them by the end of February 2024, as the New Year holiday in China may cause some delays. Here is a spreadsheet showing the details of the dice.

  • Product Catalogue

Our talented graphic team is working on a Catalogue that showcases our range of models. The catalogue will be called “Archives” and will feature stunning images and descriptions of our products.

  • Translation

We are happy to report that our German translator has confirmed that the main rulebook will be completed by Feb/March 2024. He has also made some progress on the Player Mats and Cards. Here is a sample of his work:

  • Photos

We are delighted to share with you some amazing photos of the painted Devout Faction models, courtesy of Phantasos Studio. They have done a fantastic job of bringing these models to life. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

  • Salute 51

Backers who attend Salute 51 will be able to collect printed part of their pledge (rulebook, etc) if they wish to.

79. Second Freezing Moon!

We are happy to share with you the latest update on the production of the miniatures for Chronopia wargame. As promised, we are showing you the detailed production sheet of miniatures, where you can see the progress of each model.


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