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Motherīs favourites

Author: Markus Kerlin


This army is one of the various armies I put together from the buyouts at the end of Excelsior Entertainment (2006/2007) and planned as future painting projects. So far a Stygian, a Dwarven and a Devout army have been completed. Now followed the project of the Sons of Kronos.

The first preparation took place in 2014. At the end of 2014 the first troop (Berserkers) was painted. This was followed by a break of almost nine years.

The final implementation of the rest of the project followed in February and March 2023. The army was supplemented by a troop of Blade Maidens and a Hero from Celtos (i-Kore).

Now this army is ready to play.

Army List

The core idea was a more general army of the Sons of Kronos from the existing figures from my stocks. For this reason, many normal troops are present.

-> 13x Tribal Warriors 366
-> 9x Hearthguard 281
-> 5x Berserkers 258
-> 6x Slingers 168
-> 6x Viridian Lord 306
-> 7x Blade Maidens 324
=> 1703 Points

-> Wyrd 95
-> Scythed Chariot 100
-> Celtos Cormac Red Axe 40 (Hearthguard Leader Stats)
=> 235 Points

=> Army 1938 Points

More points in Standards, Spells, Horn and more.


  • White primer
  • Skin: Army Painter Barbarian Flesh (Blade Maidens = Citadel Elf FLesh), next Contrast Fyreslayer Flesh
  • Leather: Contrast Snakebite Leather
  • Fur: Contrast Wyldwood
  • Metal, silver: Citadel Leadbleacher, next Contrast Basilicanum Grey
  • Metal, gold: Citadel Retributor Armour, next Citadel Agrax Earthshade
  • Base: Contrast Aggaros Dunes
  • The rest especially various contrast paints.

More Army Pics


Scythed Chariot

Celtos Cormac Red Axe (Hearthguard Leader Stats)

Tribal Warriors




Viridian Lord

Blade Maidens

Older Pics

Various pictures from the start of the project in 2014.

The first painted squad November 2014. Itīs about the Berserkers.


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