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Drakar och Demoner

Author: Wikipedia © 2005

Drakar och Demoner (Dragons and Demons)

Cover from Chronopia Rulebook
Cover from
Chronopia Rulebook
Dragons and Demons (Swedish: Drakar och Demoner) is a Swedish fantasy role-playing game. The game is based on Steve Perrin´s Basic Role-Playing; it was later changed to utilize a 20-sided die instead of the percentile die. The first edition was very much inspired by Runequest, with the charming addition of being able to play a duck.

Drakar och Demoner was a huge hit in Sweden, where it introduced many people to roleplaying. In the 1980s it was also translated to Danish and Norwegian.

The first version were published by Äventyrsspel and later Target Games.

From the first published adventures they created the game world Ereb Altor.

In version five they started using the new game world called Chronopia.

In version six (from Riotminds) the game world was named Trudvang and was changed to using creatures and monsters based on Scandinavian folklore instead of the standard fantasy monsters.

Chronopia (5. Edition)

Chronopia is the central city of the Swedish role playing game Drakar och Demoner. It is the largest city on the world named Ereb Altor.

Svartblod i Chronopia
Svartblod i Chronopia
Chronopia is said to be ruled by a great time-mage, but no one has ever seen him. Below the Emperor there is a huge army of lesser time mages, ordinary-but-still-powerful mages and a powerful army of elite highlanders with necrological weapons.

Revolt against the Emperor is hopeless, but that does not mean that there are no crimes committed in Chronopia. Despite the ultra-hard government with its mages and endless legions of elite warriors there are crimes committed everywhere. The Emperor does not care for the people that live in his city; all he cares about is time itself.

Chronopia is built on top of the largest magical point in the entire universe. That is the reason why the Emperor moved to Chronopia.

Chronopia is a huge city. At some locations in the text that describes the city, it says that it is seldom that you see the ground, because layer after layer of old houses, streets, sewer systems, etc. hides it. Most gamers ignore that fact for simplicity.

Some interesting locations in Chronopia
  • Silvertop - A mountain in the center of the city, where the Emperor and all the other time-mages operate.
  • Medith - the mage town, just north of Silvertop
  • Stubbstaden - Underneath Chronopia, kingdom of the dwarves. (translated: "the chopped-off-tree-town"?)
  • The Arena - Huge arena, with mostly gladiator games
  • The Temple Hills - At the foot of Silvertop, a religious "meeting place" southeast from Silvertop.
  • The Thousand Joys Street - The city´s bordellos are here.
  • The Great City park - Where the "light elves" mostly live.
  • The Wongo-City - Where most of the wongos live.

Autonomous states inside Chronopia
Chronopia consists of several different smaller cities/towns, together forming the ultrametropolis named Chronopia.
  • The dwarves have their own kingdom under the city. Stubbstaden with its tiny houses (just a few floors high) is considered to be the entrance into their kingdom. The houses on the surface are connections to the real dwarf-city. The dwarves have their own king, their own laws and their own economy. The Emperor largely ignores their presence but occasionally conflicts arise which always end with the same result: the dwarves adapting their laws to the time-mages´ bureaucratic law.
  • The elves coexist with the other Chronopian community, in their own way. They have created a few different trading companies/communities known as "Houses".
  • -> House Koth - Relatively small sectlike community with sadistic elves.
  • -> House Belsarius - Trading company with exotic drugs and animals.
  • -> House Degas - "Ordinary" tradehouse. The elves in the Degas house are known for being extremely decadent.

There are other similar elvish houses. One unique trait elves have in Chronopia is that they all eventually commit suicide due to boredom. They exploit the humans and other species for their own high amusement. Elves in Chronopia are not like the traditional Tolkienesque elves: they are evil.

Product List Drakar och Demoner 5.Edition

Title (Release)
Altors Baksida (1998)
Alver i Chronopia (1997)
Blodsband (1997)
Cirkus Kad (1997)
De Fördömdas Armé (1998)
Drakar och Demoner (1994)
Drakar och Demoner (1994)
Dvärgar i Chronopia (1996)
Magi i Chronopia (1996)
Mörkrets Krigare (1997)
Mörkrets Väktare (1996)
Spelledarskärm (1995)
Svärd och Svartkonst (1996)
Svartblod i Chronopia (1997)
Vapen och Rustningar i Chronopia (1996)
Väsen i Chronopia

Producer: Target Games SE



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