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Constructible Armies Module

Author: Firstborn 2010

Constructible Armies is the effort of a long time Chronopia fan to preserve this amazing game, and make it accessible to any gamer that would like to play the best fantasy war game ever published.

Chronopia: Dark Fantasy Miniature Battles is an elegant, graceful, and brutal dark fantasy miniature skirmish game. The rules and back story, but mostly the rules, are what make the game so incredibly outstanding.

The game currently does not have a publisher, and the majority of the models are very difficult to find. Constructible Armies seeks to preserve this timeless game, by allowing a player to print high quality models of each of the games figures on demand.

Benefits of playing with Constructible Armies:

1 ALL of the games figures are available on demand. It is possible for a player to easily create any unit or army in the game in a short amount of time. A player can create an entire army using this module, or just create select units to fill gaps in an actual collection of miniatures.

2 Visual appeal. The figures in Constructible Armies look very visually appealing when properly printed and based. Many of the figures utilize the amazing art found within the Chronopia world, and the end result is quite stunning. While not as visually appealing as using the original metal figures, it comes very close, and in some cases the constructed figures based on the Chronopia art actually look nicer.

3 Portability. It is now possible to easily create multiple Chronopia armies, and take them with you wherever you may go. Each army easily fits inside a zip lock bag or small plastic Plano box, making it perfect for taking it on an airplane, or playing while camping for example.

4 Financial Aspect. As mentioned, many of the original metal figures are out of print, and command high prices at online auction sites and retailers. Constructible Armies involves a very minimal expense, and the reward is a complete copy of this timeless fantasy war game based on the very best rule set ever created in the genre.

The following is an example of a Constructible Armies battle taking place. This is right after deployment, as a detachment of the Blackblood Empire attempts to subjugate a Dark Tusk war party. Unit cards are not used in this example to display the visual aspects.

A close-up of Constructible Armies models. A Dark Tusk Blood Totem engages a Troll Deathseeker in mortal combat.

A lethal unit of Ogre Elite Guard. The counter on the center model (provided with Constructible Armies) denotes that the model is the leader of the war band.

Two aerial shots of a Constructible Armies battle underway.

Getting started with Constructible Armies

Constructible Armies is an easy module to utilize, with all of the files needed located at this Internet location: Link.

Note: You will need to register for a free Google Gmail account to access the content.

Any problems accessing the files, feedback about the module or other correspondence can be sent to the modules author.

Process to create your own armies

Each of the games armies is located in its own individual folder. There is a Power Point file, and an optional .JPG file for those not using Power Point.

Open the appropriate Power Point or .JPG file.

Print the file on glossy cardstock or cardstock. Cut out each figure, and completely trim the blue border around the figure.

Optional Basing

This is an optional, (but highly recommended) step to create an even more visually appealing army that has a nice feel when the counters are pushed around the table.

Custom wooden bases can be used to mount the figures on. Simply use a glue stick on one side of the wooden base, and press the printed unit on.

Litko Aerosystems makes a very inexpensive line of wooden bases that work great for this process. The author recommends the 3mm think wooden bases in their product line. The bases can be viewed and ordered from this link:

Small Battle Report

I managed to get a Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard for a killer price. I painted it up, and have been using it for my Chronopia Constructible Armies Module.

Here are a few pictures. I apologize for the low-resolution, as I am using a cell phone camera.
I hope you enjoy.

The Firstborn prepare to defend their border from a Devout advance.

Two warbands of Cursed, Risen, Soul Flayer, and & Abyss Crawler prepare for carnage.

A Warped Lord, Risen Warband, and Cursed Warband.

An Abyss Crawler emerges from under the earth and prepares to trample a unit of Firstborn Swordsmen, while a Repulsar Knight stands ready on Wait.

The Warped Lord's Vortex spell decimates a unit of Firstborn Crossbowmen.

The end of the battle. All that remains of the Firstborn is a single, desperate Crossbowmen.



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