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Deathseeker Ogre
Deathseeker Ogre
Ogres encased in armor commanding troops at Makila Pass. Troll berserkers dropped into the heart of the enemy at Dreadland, barren ground crimson with Devout blood as they broke the opposing army with unstoppable ferocity. There are a thousand similar stories, all telling of the savagery of the Blackbloods, but also of their prowess in battle. At Ironheart, Goblins have tamed the deadly Ripper-beasts. Those who have seen the respected Goblin archers of the Salt Marshes enter a battle have rarely lived to tell the tale. Orc marines captured the untakable Elven city of Ardus, leaving nothing but corpses in their wake. Ogres, Trolls, Orcs, and Goblins. Each a different race, each with two common links. Their exile from the One King´s vast domain, and their viscous, sable blood. All four races are dangerous for their own reasons. The huge Ogres are the dominant species and make up most of the Blackblood nobility. From the legendary Blood-throne deep in Kharabad, the Empire´s capital, Nizar Kinslayer watches over his domain surrounded by the Death-Seekers, elite warriors selected from the deadliest of all the Blackbloods. The Grand Vizier Bukhir Bloodborn ever by his side, controlling the vast Blackblood army: The largest in all of Chronopia.

The main race is the Orcs, cruelly intelligent, they could threaten the ruling elite, if their people were not so divided by birth and involved in a complex struggle for favor in the royal court. At the foot of the social ladder, and many say in the mud, are the goblins. The weakest of the Blackbloods, they are also the most populous , and while they suffer while struggling to live in any of the Empire´s main cities, refugees and travelers have constructed their own homes on the edge of Blackblood land. The most notable being the magnificent mountain city of Terakan on the edge of the Blackblood´s makeshift border with the Dwarves. The Trolls are one of the strangest of all races to be found on Chronopia. They live alone or in small nomadic groups across the Dreadlands to the north and east of the Empire. Gigantic four-armed beasts, towering over the largest Ogres, they are peaceful enough creatures until the bloodlust takes them. With the scent of battle in their hearts, they become raging maelstroms of death and destruction. Several have had the honor of serving in the Death-Seekers and their ferocity in battle is feared by all.


Close Combat Warbands: Crimson Blades, Goblin Ripper-Beast Lancer, Goblin Spearmen, Goblin Swordmasters, Ogre Heavy Infantry, Orc Caravan Guard, Orc Swordsmen, The Ogre Elite Guard
Missile Weapon Warbands: Goblin Archer, Goblin Ripper-Beast Archers, Orc Archer, Orc Assault Warriors
Close Combat Individuals: Goblin Chariot, Goblin Myrmadon, Goblin Ripper-Beast Lancer, Goblin Swordmaster Champion, Ogre Deathseeker, Ogre Myrmadon Bull Cavalry, Orc Alchemist, Orc Kutara Lancer, Savage Troll Troll, Troll Deathseeker
Missile Weapon Individuals: Double-Mounted Kutara, Goblin Ripper-Beast Archer


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