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The Factions:
Blackblood Devout Dwarven
Elven Firstborn Sons of Kronos
Stygian Swamp Goblins  
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Sons of Kronos

Hunter with War Hounds
Hunter with War Hounds
The Sons of Kronos are divided into 3 tribes. The Kallach - The Tribe of Dawn is loyal to the One King. The Nuada - The Shadow Tribe has been seduced by the Shadow with the promise of Bileīs return, the Ancient Ard-Ree - The High King of darkness. The Iidanach - The Tribe of the Goddess, also known as the Mother Tribe. They laid the "poisoned blade" firmly at the One Kings feet, for custom has it that no King should reign for more than seven years, before his greatness is given back to the Earth that bore him.

The armies of each clan are commanded by a Nomarch; a warlord. In some cases the same Nomarch may lead the armies of several clans, However, the Matriarch and the Ard-Ree, the queen and the high king rule the tribes. The Sons of Kronos live by a matriarchal society, which stems from their worship of the Earth Goddess. Only the tribes of the Dawn deviate from this belief, for they consider the One King to be their "living God", but even among their tribe women are afforded the greatest respect and tend to hold the higher seats in council.

They follow the ancient custom of the Seven Winter King. Every seven years the reigning Nomarch, known as the Ard-Ree takes his own life, as an offering to the Earth Goddess, and the Matriarch of the tribe chooses a new Nomarch to reign beside her as Ard-Ree of the tribe.

The robes of each clan are distinguished by their own checkered pattern, but the tribe is shown by the colors they use. Green for the Tribe of the Goddess, Blue for the Tribe of the Dawn and red for the Shadow Tribe.


Close Combat Warbands: Berserkers, Hearthguard, Tribal Warriors, Warhawks, War Hounds
Missile Weapon Warbands: Slingers
Close Combat Individuals: Hunters, Wyrd

Tribe of the Goddess: Scythed Chariot, Viridian Lord, Viridian Lord Champion
Shadow Tribe: Monarch, Unliving
Tribe of the Dawn: Aonbarr Horse Warrior, Blade Maidens, Blade Maiden Champion


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