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Swordsman and Equipment
Swordsman and Equipment
The Elves have been the Firstborn´s main rivals since the dawn of time. Both races see themselves as the rightful rulers of the land and both have a history of conflict, enslavement and treachery to strengthen their hatred of the other. Only in recent years, with the rise of the Devout, has this animosity lessened, as both grow to acknowledge the common threat.
Elvish society is now made up of three distinct houses, although for centuries only two were powerful. The most noble is the House of Helios. Coldly honorable, the Duke of Helios was poisoned, creating a bitter power struggle between his son, Duke Heliac, and his bastard offspring Duke Valymir. While Heliac gained control of the house, Valymir soon rose in power beyond the Duke´s control, making his own house - that of the Obsidian Serpent, one of the most powerful - and treacherous. The real power is Valymir´s sister, the Lady Scyllia. Court rumor whispers that Scyllia serves the Dark Prophets and was involved in the poisoning of Helios, though anyone foolish enough to suggest such a thing inside her domain would soon find themselves facing the Master of Punishment. One of the oldest houses is that of the Crystal Lotus, whose wise, aging Duke is one of the few alive to recall the One King´s death before the Firstborn´s enslavement. From their spiral city, Elymris, they watch, across the crystal causeway, over the garden island of Yynn (which is said to have existed since the dawn of creation.). It is where the Wise Duke cultivates most of the lotus plants required for Elven sorcery. Scholars have so far listed four kinds of lotus; Black, Red, Blue and Silver. Each grants the sorcerer consuming it the ability to perform different magic - mostly relating to the earth, fire, wind and ice respectively. Depending on the spell, Elven sorcerers can summon the mystic Daughters of the Phoenix to a battlefield or the vast and almost indestructible Adamantite golems. As well as their Lotus-eaters, another strand of Elven society helps maintain their strength - The Dragonbane. These wondrous but deadly beasts are bred to serve, and take many forms.
Each of the three houses have their own military orders. The Crystal Lotus rarely involve themselves with the main conflicts of the world, but when they step off their mystic island home, they fight with devastating effect. The result of centuries of combat and a deep knowledge of the Lotus´ powers. The Crystal Knights and Lotus Guard are among their deadliest military orders. The House of Helios have the noble Warriors of the Sun and the all female Keepers of the Flame. Their military skill comes from the early days of Elven society and is based upon a set of scriptures of value and honor. It is something that gives them both strength and weakness as their honor is often exploited by others - especially emissaries from the House of the Obsidian Serpent. This new House headed by Valymir and Scyllia, is one of the darkest and most brutal. Their Dragon-Skulls are by far the most ruthless of Elven warriors and it was their ancestors who razed the capital city of the Firstborn to the ground following their victory. In the slaughter they killed women and children and created a hatred that has still not faded. Lesser known are the Obsidian Guard, a mysterious order of sorcerer knights whose loyalty to Lady Scyllia is beyond doubt but their loyalty to their fellow Elves is a cause for concern among the Other Houses. Rumor has it that some have paid homage to the Dark Prophets and sacrifice those killed in battle to their demonic liege-lords. Whether this is true or not is questionable, but what is known is that they are deadly and ruthless opponents.
House Jade turned out in recent time as a strong and independent power. In the near to the fallen lands and under use of the yellow lotus it succeeded to become generally accepted them against the interests of the other houses. The co-operation with the Swamp Goblins is an important aspect of their surviving represents.


Close Combat Warbands: Axeman, Militia, Spearman, Swordsman
Missile Weapon Warbands: Archer
Close Combat Individuals: Dragonbane Knight, Dragonbane Warkiller, Flying Dragonbane Riders
Missile Weapon Individuals: Dragonbane Scout

Crystal Lotus: Blue Lotus Eater , Crystal Knights, Dream Warrior, Lotus Guard, Silver Lotus Eater
Helios: Keepers of the Flame, Red Lotus Eater, Warrior of the Golden Mask, Warrior of the Sun
Obsidian Serpent: Black Lotus Eater, Count Elitrion the Flayed, Dragon Clan Slaves, Dragonskull Warriors, Obsidian Guard
Jade: The Ascended, The Embraced, Thorn of the Lotus, Yellow Lotus Eater


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