In the society of the Untamed, the Wyrd is probably the most well known and respected individual next to the Monarchs. The Wyrd is a spell caster, a channeler, a healer and a teacher. To the Untamed he is their link to their past as well as the promise of their future. He is beyond reproach and sought after to preside over many types of ceremonies and services.

Unfortunately for his people, the Wyrd is also a wanderer, seeking wisdom from his travels and communing with his Goddess in the sacred areas he finds. When a Wyrd is away “walking with the Goddess” his Clan is eager for his return and that return is usually met with great celebration followed by a recounting of the lessons he has learned. Like the Berserkers who have embraced their faith with absolute commitment, a Wyrd is a dangerous opponent, slow to anger but decisive in his wrath. There is a distinctly otherworldliness about a Wyrd, it cloaks him like a shroud. His eyes hint at the wonders he has seen and his voice carries with it the certainty of his faith, an echo of the Earth Goddess herself.

Wyrds do not fight against their own kind, ever. No Wyrd has ever shed the blood of another Wyrd. They are attuned to their Goddess on a level most of us cannot understand and see harming one of their own the same as mutilating themselves. Proficient in the Naqada magic and the Spells of the Earth Mother, the Wyrd will opt for peace first in all things. War is only a last resort; a path that if not carefully watched could allow the Untamed to suffer the fate of the First Men.

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