Warhawks are specially trained predatory birds that some Hunters breed in place of Warhounds. The higher peaks of the mountains are dangerous for Hounds, but pose no problems for the winged attack birds of the Untamed. Warhawks are usually trained to act in small groups called "Flights" and assume the same roles in the community that a pack of Warhounds would. Because of their speed, Warhawks are able messengers and easily capable of passing along information from Hunter to Hunter.

Once Warhawks training is complete it is taken to the Wyrd who adorns it with a Naqada inscribed tether and fashions the small raptor claws that the bird will use in defense of its people. These wicked blades are incredibly sharp and the Warhawks have beend trained to attack the uncovered areas of an opponent. Many an Elf has found its eyes the target of a warhawk talon claws and because of this threat the wearing of helms has become common practice in the north.

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