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Skills (3.Edition)

Brace, Fear, Fear (Sub-Skill), Heal, Immune, Immune to Panic, Line Breaker, Martial Arts Warmaster, Scout, Slayer, Swipe, Teacher, Ward Saves,


[Active] You can use if this your model did not move, or only made a Basic Movement, or when you spend 1 CP while your model is the target of an opposing models Charge movement and you have it in LoS. You cannot use it after an Advanced Move has been made. Place a Brace Token beside your model. When another model (up to 50mm base) charges a model with a Brace Token, in its Front Facing, it loses its Charge Bonus. Remove the Brace Token after the Charge or during the End Phase of the Game Turn. You do not have to remove the Token in the End Phase of the Game Turn if you pay 1 CP (Command Point). Additionally, if you have a friendly model with a Brace skill in B2B contact with your models Back Facing, it can support your Brace by adding +1 Dam to your attacks. It is counted as taking part in this Clash Fight. A Supporting Brace Model can only give this bonus to 1 fighting model.


(X) [Active] [Psychology test] When you are engaging / charging a model causing Fear you need to take a LD test minus the models Fear level. If the test is failed, place a Fear Token with the appropriate number next to the Unit. Your CC is decreased by the Fear level (this applies to all members of the Warband, even if they are involved in another Clash Fight with an enemy that does not causes Fear). You can take the Fear test again during the next Activation of the Unit without suffering any negative modifiers to LD.

Fear (Sub-Skill)

(X) [Sub-Skill] gives you Immune to Fear (X). When you need to take a Fear (Y) test, simply deduct (Y)-(X)=(Z). If the (Z) result positive, you must take a Fear test (Z).


(X) [Active] After a wound has beend taken by a model with this Skill, roll a D20. If the score is X or less you healed the wound. This Skill can be used even if a model just lost their last wound.


(X) (Y) [Passive] or [Active] The model is totally immune to (X). Where X might be Skill, type of attack or anything else and Y could be a numerical value.
For example: Immune to shooting attacks mean no shooting attack can affect the model.

Immune to Panic

[Sub-Skill] The model is 100% immune to all Panic tests, including Break Tests.

Line Breaker

[Active] After the Result of a Fight has been resolved, if there are models with the Line Breaker Skill still involved in a Clash Fight, push the enemy models 1 inch backwards and move your models 1 inch towards them for each model with the Line Breaker Skill. If Line Breaker models are involved in both sides, deduct range from one another. The direction of movement is determined using the middle Front Facing of the majority of models with the Line Breaker Skill involved in the fight. If there is no majority front facing the player who won the fight gets to choose. If for any reason there is no space to move the enemy models backwards, the models become Dazed.

Martial Arts Warmaster

[Passive] Models with this Skill can use their Agility (Ag) in 360 degress. They are not counted as having a Back Facing in the Fight Phase. If a model armed with a Shield has the Skill: Martial Arts Warmaster they can use the Shield in the Back Facing during the Fight Phase. They cannot use it in the Back Facing against shooting attacks in the Activation Phase.


[Passive] Tactical Deployment Tokens, or Tokens with a similar Skill (such Unseen Assailant), cannot be placed closer than 8 inch from a model with the Scout Skill when deploying.


(X) [Passive] When a model with this Skill hits another model classified as (X) then all attacks gets +3 Dam.


[Active] [Special Attack] A model using this Skill can make a Special Attack called a Swipe Attack in Close Combat. All models in the Front Facing and Range of a Weapon receive 1 hit. Make normal tests To Hit one by one. You cannot combine Swipe Attacks with Psychics Attacks, Poison Attacks or any another Special Attacks unless stated otherwise.


[X] [Passive] Models with this Skill grant Skill X to all members of the same Warband including themselves.
For example: Teacher: Swipe - Grants the Skill Swipe to all members of the Warband.

Ward Saves

(X) [Active] After a model with this Skill receives a Wound (after Armour and Heal saves have been made) make an extra Ward Save to prevent it from being wounded. This is the only save you can take against a Critical Hit.

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