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War Hounds

Faction: Sons of Kronos

In the Wildlands there are groups of dogs that are trained and bred by the Clans for more than just companionship. The War Hounds of the Untamed are raised in packs to help the tribe not only gather food and maintain vigilant security, but to wage war as well. Trained by the Clan’s Hunter, War Hounds are a common sight in the Wildlands. While they are tended to by the whole tribe, it is with the Hunter that the Hounds share a special bond. The Hunter, more than any other Clansman, seems to be able to communicate with the Hounds on a deeper level and it is he who will take packs of them to gather food for the tribe.

The Hounds are perfect for carrying messages between Clans and Hunters frequently share messages and transfer small parcels this way. Because a War Hound has such perfect hearing and a keen sense of smell, it will easily detect the approach of stealthy adversaries. They are frequently kept in open kennels around the perimeter of the Untamed settlements ever watchful of dangers and threats to their human masters.

War Hounds
War Hounds
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Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Warband

War Hounds (4 - 8) Costs: 22
88-10 2145 1201

Special Rules:
- Group Attack
- Hunter
- Forest Warrior
- Ice Warrior
- You must purchase a Hunter to purchase a Pack of War Hounds.
- War Hounds must start the game within Command Distance of the Hunter. After that the Pack of War Hounds acts as a Leaderless Warband.
- War Hounds have a Bite attack, Natural Weapon - (1x) Bite (8).


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